Compiling known and speculated Beyond Light and Season 12 content.

Content of the article: "Compiling known and speculated Beyond Light and Season 12 content."

Known Expansion Content

  • Campaign.
  • Raid.
  • (Free) 1 Europa strike (Nightfall variant and selecting from Director requires Beyond Light ownership).
  • (Free) Stasis element.
  • Stasis subclasses with Aspects and Fragments to obtain.
  • Some amount of Exotic quests.
  • Some amount of Exotic loot drops.

Armor sets: – Europa set. – Raid set.

Weapon sets: – Europa set. – Second set of seemingly Europa weapons with a grey color scheme(might be raid gear.) – Raid set.

Known Season 12 Free Content

  • Europa destination.
  • Reprised Cosmodrome destination.
  • A new New Light experience (campaign?).
  • Reprised Will of Crota strike.

Armor sets: – Gambit/Crucible/Strike armor. – Season 12 armor set. – Aspirational pursuit set. – Any Reprised armor.

Weapon sets: – Battle Pass weapons (1 exotic and 2 legendaries). – Seasonal pursuit weapon. – Any Reprised weapons.

Known Season 12 Paid Content

  • Seasonal activity.
  • Seasonal weapons.
  • Battle Pass.
  • Seasonal exotic quests.

Known Season 12 Changes

  • Eververse items based on Assperational content will no longer be made.
  • Aspirational content, ie Raids, Trials, Iron Banner, will receive more/better vanity rewards.
  • Less emphasis on bounties and more account wide weekly pursuits for XP and Bright Dust.
  • Bright Engrams will receive regular loot updates.
  • New/updated Pursuits tab.
  • Seasonal mod slot changing to a yearly mod slot.
  • Triumphs overhaul.

Speculated Content

  • (Free) Cosmodrome Lost Sectors (not confirmed, likely).
  • (Free) Europa Lost Sectors (all but confirmed).
  • (Free) Iron Banner loot (Likely armor set, maybe new weapons).
  • (Free) Cosmodrome weapons and armor (Probable).
  • (Mix) Adventures/story missions (Europa adventures, unlikely, Moon had none. Cosmodrome side story missions, possible return).
  • (Paid) Expansion activity (Nightmare Hunt equivalent. Probable).
  • (Free) Europa horde mode public event (Likely, precedent of them every year, Altars of Sorrow, Blind Well, Escalation Protocol, Archon's Forge, Court of Oryx).
  • (Free) New world pool and playlist weapons. (Unconfirmed on what will be coming in regards to this.).
  • (Free) Crucible and Gambit maps. (DCV TWAB mentioned nothing. Unlikely.)
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I'll keep this post updated as we learn new information. If I missed something or was incorrect, please correct me.


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