Console I finally got my first ever Legend rank in Crucible!! (Solo Freelance)

Content of the article: "Console I finally got my first ever Legend rank in Crucible!! (Solo Freelance)"

First legend rank!!

I know this is nothing special for many out there, but as a PvE main, getting this is right up there for me with solo flawless of dungeon completions. Was so pumped!

I also recognise that comp isn't a "ladder", because if Legend was the highest rank, I wouldn't be near it at all.

I'm particularly pleased because it was all in solo freelance, at no point did I enlist the help of pvp-gods for win streaks. It was tempting… especially after losing over 500 points in day, that was painful. But I persevered and managed to claw it back.

For an average Joe like me (k/d is just over 1.1), the sweat was all too real, every round was important, and boy was my heart pounding hard! It's quite insane how many rounds went to a tiebreaker, or matches went to 3-3.

Below are some observation and basic tips, I'm no pro to be giving in depth PvP advice!

What did I learn?

– MIDA catalyst can now drop at lower ranks, not just after Legend. But needing 200 precision kills, in crucible… haha wtf.

– Movement is king, and along with this is aerial movement. Keeping your feet on the ground and staying relatively static is asking for death.

– K/D: Focus first on reducing how often you die (if that's a problem, because dying a lot will reduce lives of your team, and make life harder for stronger players on your side who could carry you to a win). This isn't to just stay back and never engage, but more about learning to disengage and run, then adjust approach play to get more kills, or support play to backup teammates on a push.

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– Comfortable Loadout & Diversity: Use a loadout that your comfortable with. But whatever your main loadout & style, there will be teams where it just won't work. Have alternative weapons at the ready to switch it up. E.g. Mountaintop and Gnawing Hunger was my main, but occasionally would switch it to Vigilance Wing and Elatha FR4.

The first 2 rounds do not indicate the outcome of a match. So many matches were completely turned around after what looked like it could be a stomping. Quitters ruin any chance of such comebacks.

– The longer Warlock melee range is a thing. When I'm not using synthoceps, it was clear that I was getting slapped beyond my own reach. While I could feel the slower warlock melee in the follow up, it rarely made a difference because of the trades…

– Warlocks: Wow, good players are so good with top tree dawn! Blink with Astrocyte Verse is pretty good too. The low FOV on console makes both these movement abilities effective.

– Hunters: If optimised, can dodge every ~10s, that's basically every engagement. This is ok, but be wary of combined abilities i.e. invis, health bump, disorientation.

– Titans: Not that many Titans overall, and there was nothing that Titans did that was problematic specific to the class. That range on Dunemarchers though…

Arcstrider will deflect during activation?? I did not know this until it deflected my shield, maybe just the middle tree?

– I hated facing Jotunn! "Just strafe" really doesn't work most of the time. Titans have it worst with no snap movement that like Hunters and Warlocks have.

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– Snap Movement: Hunter's dodge, and Warlock's Icarus Dash/ blink, are extremely effective in PvP, both defensively and offensively.

– Hate: You will get hate no matter what you use if the kills are racking up. Don't worry about it, it's all salt. This is competitive, you do you for the best chance of getting wins.

– Teabagging: You will get teabagged.

– Starting with a player short/ Quitters/ Errors. This is one of the worst things about comp, especially for those of us who really have to try hard nearly every game. These are serious issues. Why should any match start with uneven teams? Bungie needs to implement a check the moment a match actually begins. Also, losing points for an L that comes from being a man down or players leaving, the way this is handled needs attention too.

– Melee Trading kills feels bad. I'm sure the opponent sees something different, but I clearly meleed first for the kill, only to then somehow be punched back for the trade.

– Melee hit registration is pretty broken.

– Sentinel's roaming ability is the most unreliable in the game due to melee registration issues. Link: It's a liability to use it. This will be a separate post with more examples…


If you give this a go, good luck!

This is one thing on my Destiny bucket list I'm hyped to be ticking off. πŸ™‚


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