Contrary to popular belief, Plenty of grenades DO in fact harm the user

Content of the article: "Contrary to popular belief, Plenty of grenades DO in fact harm the user"

So I saw the other thread earlier, and remembered some testing I did back in may when I really really thought for sure ONLY warlock grenades self killed. Well I proved myself wrong. In any case, here are my results. I did each test 3 times and got the same results every time.

Big Note: All numbers focused on PvE gameplay. PvP numbers might be different.

Normal Note: All tests performed in the tribute hall by throwing grenade at own feet or nearby depending on grenade style, with grey armor and grey/green weapons equipped to ensure no additional mods would be impacting outcomes. EDIT: The sidenotes were in my notes since I was playing with melee recharge and melee buff stacking at the same time, but I didn't ultimately keep tight track of melee stuff – I kept the sidenotes cause they were interesting to me at the time.

Warlock Self-Dmg Nade Results


  • HHSN – Kills Self
  • Vortex – 1/4th Healthbar Gone
  • Charged Vortex (Top Tree) – 1/3rd Healthbar Gone
  • Axion Bolt – Up to 1/3rd Healthbar Gone / None with no enemies near
  • Scatter – 5/6th Healthbar Gone


  • Arcbolt – None
  • Pulse – 1/4th Healthbar Gone
  • Storm – One Half Healthbar Gone


  • Solar – 1/4th Healthbar Gone
  • Firebolt – None
  • Fusion – 7/8ths Healthbar Gone
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Side Note: Dark Matter only lasts about 3 seconds and cannot stack. There is no native way to buff regen for HHNS or Melee beyond normal recharge methods. No instant regen like hunter dodge, and no way to pick up a hammer. This means 1:43 regen on grey armor. Compare to at worst maybe 15 seconds as a hunter with one stack of playing with fire.

Hunter Self-Dmg Nade Results


  • Vortex – 1/4th Healthbar Gone
  • Spike – None
  • Voidwall – 1/3rd Healthbar Gone


  • Skip – 1/16th per projectile nearby (max two impacts)
  • Flux – 3/4th Healthbar Gone
  • Arcbolt – None


  • Incendiary – 1/4th Healthbar Gone
  • Swarm – 1/16th per projectile nearby (max two impacts)
  • Tripmine – None unless you shoot it yourself or unless you stand on top when someone else trips it. In that case, 5/6ths damage.

Side Note: OHK Throwing Knives recharges in 5 seconds with 3 stacks of playing with fire. Dodge instantly restores throwing knives. No Exotic Required.

Titan Self-Dmg Nade Results


  • Magnetic – Slightly less than half gone
  • Voidwall – 1/3rd Healthbar Gone
  • Supressor – 5/6th Healthbar Gone


  • Flashbang – 5/6th Healthbar Gone
  • Pulse – 1/4th Healthbar Gone
  • Lightning – No Damage


  • Incendiary – 3/4th Healthbar Gone
  • Thermite – Slightly less than half gone
  • Fusion – 7/8ths Healthbar Gone

Side Note: Throwing Hammer can be picked up even after a hit to get melee right back. Combine with 3 stacks of roaring flames, can OHK.


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