Deep Stone Crypt how to (1st and 2nd encounters)

Content of the article: "Deep Stone Crypt how to (1st and 2nd encounters)"


2 Operators

2 scanners, one for black side and one for white

  1. Pick up the scanner and operator buffs

  1. Scanner stays on top and looks through the glass floor and looks for glowing panels (ideally start on dark side) There are 2 glowing panels on each side, when dark side has identified what panels to shoot, dark side scanner will pass the scanner buff to light side using the augmentation chamber, light side scanner will then proceed to identify their glowing panels

  1. Operator then goes downstairs and shoots all 4 panels that were glowing for scanners

  1. Operator must then use augmentation chamber to transfer to another player while a player with scanner buff transfers it downstairs

  1. Downstairs can see fuses above the augmentaition terminal, whichever one is glowing is the one which corresponds to the correct tank to shoot.



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Space team will wait on Europa to kill an operator vandal, one person from that team will pick up this buff and then go to space.

Space team will have scanner buff first, to initiate DPS phase, kill both sentinal servitors in space and on europa

scanner must identify the correct boss to kill, once fake boss is killed, space team will pass scanner to team europa using augmentation chamber

the killed fake bosses will drop atraks-1 replication debuff, the players on europa must go to space and locate a cleansing room to remove this buff or else the boss will heal itself

To reset the timer on the buff, the operator shoot the player with the buff, the player wil then drop this buff which they'll then need to pick back up.

To cleanse, the operator must open up one of the air lock doors and all players with this debuff must step into the room and the operator outside the cleansing room must shoot them in order to cleanse

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Rince and repeat?

after all health has been diminished prepare for final stand

Will update when the next few encounters are figured out


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