Destiny 2 is a PvE game before a PvP game

Content of the article: "Destiny 2 is a PvE game before a PvP game"

I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s true. I’m not trying to start a huge argument because I feel like this is something the community has a general consensus on.

I’ve always felt that Crucible was an afterthought compared to the rest of the game. Strikes, raids, and dungeons specifically, and even going further back to D1 with just raids and strikes. I mean PvP has rarely ever been balanced and with Beyond Light coming out in a few months with Stasis along with it that just shows how much of a PvE first game this is.

I’m not bashing Bungie for breaking PvP with stasis like I’ve seen so many other posts doing, I’m making this post as a sort of rebuttal to those kinds of posts. Like it or not, Destiny is a PvE over PvP game. A lot of people have already accepeted that but for the few who haven’t, the sooner you come to terms with this, the better.

I and get this game has a hardcore and dedicated PvP playerbase that will bitch and moan every time something clearly designed for PvE will break PvP. Bungie makes their decisions thinking about PvE first because that’s what brings in a majority of their players. That’s what keeps a lot of people playing.

So basically, before you get mad that Bungie is breaking PvP with ice remember that this expansion is do or die for Bungie so they’re going all out with the PvE stuff.

I’m sorry this is very poorly articulated I just got off of work and am very tired but I was talking about this with some friends. If you’d like I can always further articulate myself in the comments and responses. If you’re dick though I guess…. I’ll entertain the thought of responding to you

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EDIT: I should clarify I am not saying I personally think PvE is more important than PvP, I’m saying that Bungie puts more time and resources into PvE and in their minds it’s a PvE first experience

EDIT 2: Why do you think you need to play PvE for almost every good PvP weapon/armor/exotic other than the obvious pinnacles like MT, Revoker, and Recluse


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