Destiny 2 Maintenance Megathread [2021-03-02]

Hey Guardians,

Here's a megathread for the upcoming maintenance that will bring us Hotfix All posts about the maintenance will be redirected to this thread.

Game will be brought offline when this thread is ONE HOUR old. Maintenance begins when this thread is 15 MINUTES old. Some features of third party apps (like DIM) could be disabled then, before the game is offline.

Game Downtime is 15 MINUTES (until WEEKLY RESET).

Patch & Patchnotes should hit at WEEKLY RESET as well.

Please note that maintenance isn't fully over until one hour after reset, which means third party apps (like DIM, and your beloved /u/DTG_Bot) might not completely work until then!

Patchnote Previewsource :

  • Barrier Colossus in Battleground: Behemoth will no longer mosey out of their barrier shields to say hello to unsuspecting Guardians.
  • The Chosen Destruction Umbral Focusing Lens will now allow players to focus Umbral Engrams.
  • Beneficial modifiers in the Battlegrounds playlist now work as intended.
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Time UTC Action
8:00 AM PST 1600 UTC Destiny 2 will undergo maintenance for Hotfix Some Destiny API features on, mobile and third-party apps will be disabled. No signin to the site or apps will be possible. Players who observe issues should report to the #Help forum.
8:45 AM PST 1645 UTC Destiny 2 will be brought offline for expected maintenance. Players will be removed from activities and won't be able to log back into Destiny 2 until 9 AM PST. At 9 AM PST, Hotfix will begin rolling out across all platforms and regions. Ongoing Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to conclude at 10 AM PST.
9:00 AM PST 1700 UTC Destiny 2 Hotfix will be available across all platforms and regions. Players will be able to log back into Destiny 2. Players logging into the game may be placed in a queue, and may experience sign-on issues as background maintenance is still ongoing.
10:00 AM PST 1800 UTC Destiny 2 maintenance is expected to conclude. Console players who encounter issues updating to Hotfix should restart their console and try downloading the update. Players who observe issues should report to the #Help forum.


Timezone convertor for Guardians in need.


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