Destiny 2 PVE Damage and Resilience Testing Results (June 28 2020)

People have been wondering recently if Resilience Scaling in PVE has been changed, or Enemies are now hitting harder than before. I have set out to test this, using u/Cykeisme 's post on stacking resist mods from half a year ago as reference. I tested out damage taken from a Line Rifle Hobgoblin in the Nessus Lost Sector ("The Orrery"), to keep things consistent with the original test done half a year ago.

Results are here:

From the first image, you can tell that damage amounts from half a year ago and today are almost identical. We do not know exactly how much resilience was used in Cyke's test, but it is close enough that, at least for Hobgoblin Line Rifles, the damage does not seem to have changed.

Another interesting point to note, the first image has scaled bars indicating True Resilience, showing the difference between 5 and 10 Resilience. Contrast this to the unscaled version in the second image, and you can see why most people believe resilience is trash; the scaled bar makes the 5% difference between the two seem almost negligible. Of course, 5% more resilience is not great for 50 points of scaling, it would still be better to stack resists as needed (with each resist giving out ~10% Effective HP for the first 3 mods!).


TL;DR: PVE Damage and Resilience values do not appear to have changed from half a year ago. Resilience in PVE is still meh, overshadowed by Minor/Major/Boss Resists, although Titan may get secondary benefits.


Edit: If people need it, here is my full testing process, as a gif:

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Edit Regarding Nightfall Enemy Damage:

Just ran some testing on a 810 Light Level Warlock in 750 Lake of Shadows Nightfall the Ordeal, compared to

. Results are here:

From this trial, we seem to take less damage from red-bar enemies in current Nightfall, the Ordeal compared to pre-Shadowkeep numbers. However, because Nightfall the Ordeal also has many Champions and Powerful enemies, the balance of new powerful enemies offsets the lesser damage done by current red-bar enemies.

TL;DR: Current Nightfall The Ordeal damage is comparable to pre-Shadowkeep numbers.


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