Destiny has an Economy problem, and its getting ridiculous.

Buckle up, this is going to be a long one.

The Core Problem

With the details on "Armor Synthesis" being revealed, we've learned that Destiny is getting even MORE currencies added into the mix of items that are going to now bloat the already wild amount of things to keep track of and grind for. Of the non-cosmetic currencies we have:

Glimmer, Legendary Shards, Enhancement Cores, Enhancement Prisms, Golf Balls Ascendant Shards, Upgrade Modules, Exotic Ciphers, 7 Planetary Resources, Dead Ghost Shells, Phantasmal Fragments, Phantasmal Cores, Lost Ghost Traces, Mod Components, Herealways Pieces, 4 different types of "Charges of Light", Dark Fragments, Gunsmith Materials, and Queensfoil.

Thats 27 different types of in-game items that are focused solely on purchasing something from someone. That is absurd. Add in Bright Dust and Silver and we reach 29 different items. This doesn't include a few of the other items in the "Consumables" tab that are focused on gaining some of these, like Finest Matterweave, Pure Matterglass Lenses, and Rainmakers. That would put us at over 30 different items. Add in the Armor Synthesis materials AND the seasonal currencies like Cabal Gold and things just get ridiculous. You can see the problem here. You're probably asking yourself, "Sir Veyza, how do we fix this?" We give it a nice big K.I.S.S!

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid!

Something that I'm sure Bungie is keenly aware of is the fact that sometimes its good to trim away the excess to simplify things. Even if that means getting rid of a lot of great content. Please Bungie give me back The Long Goodbye. I miss it so much. I spent hours farming it. Its still in my vault. Please. The same can be said about currencies. Though it may be a BIG pipe dream, I propose that Bungie eliminates all excess currencies and implements 4 major currencies. These 4 currencies form the basis for every trade interaction you participate in. They are:

  • Glimmer
  • Weapon Parts
  • Armor Materials
  • Exotic Blueprints
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Planetary Mats? We could get rid of them, but if Bungie wants to use them as a means to acquire Glimmer by periodically picking up them in our adventures then so be it. You could trade them to Spider for Glimmer until he gets vaulted or something, I don't know.


Glimmer was once described in a 2014 GDC talk with Chris Barret and Joe Staten as Destiny's "Gold." I love this video. I watch it periodically whenever I need to feel inspired about my own "World Building" endeavors. The problem is that Glimmer has value, but there are other currencies that are far more important than it. It should be THE currency that is used. How we acquire Glimmer can stay roughly the same and it won't hurt it. You should be constantly aware of it, how you spend it, and what you spend it on. Glimmer should have a higher cap, and should be used to acquire anything from a vendor. This includes:

  • Random weapons and armor from vendors like Banshee-44, Zavala, and Shaxx.
  • Actual Consumables like Personal Ammo Synths, Raid Banners, and more.
  • Weapon Parts and Armor Materials should you run out.
  • Mods whenever they decide to implement more.

Weapon Parts & Armor Materials

Right now there are 5 currencies used to upgrade, masterwork, or infuse weapons & armor. Enhancement Cores, Enhancement Prisms, Ascendant Shards, Legendary Shards, and Upgrade Modules. Something I've learned from guiding my new friend through the game is that while fancy names are fun, they don't lend themselves to being easily understood as to what they're for. I had to answer a lot of questions she had about what was used to make her stuff better. I propose that we remove all of these and implement Weapon Parts & Armor Materials. These can either be purchased from Banshee-44, or acquired by dismantling weapons. Easy.

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How do they work? These two are now the one-stop-shop for all upgrades for your weapons and armor. This includes Infusion, applying mods, masterworking non-exotic weapons and armor, and re-rolling a single perk slot or stat category on a weapon at the Gunsmith or Armor at Ikora. (My Vanguard is dead, but you could at least make the Warlock Vanguard useful again!) Much like Recalibration in the Division, this allows players more agency and assists them in taking an item that is close to perfect and making it so. Raid Gear can require more weapon and armor parts than standard gear, and Exotic Armor could require a large amount of materials. Masterworking an Exotic weapon would remain unchanged. Make Armor Materials required for creating Universal Ornaments from our already earned armor. (And maybe don't monetize it so fiercely like you are, Bungo)

Exotic gear can drop a large amount of parts, and require more to pull from collections. They could also implement "Exotic Weapon Parts" which could be used to pick a perk in a weapon slot, or guarantee a high stat roll in a stat category on your armor. They could also be used to buy Exotic Blueprints from Banshee, or a Catalyst that won't drop for you no matter how many Crucible matches you play. Looking at you Vigilance Wing. Also, as a side note Bungie should just remove the rarity system from gear. It’s pointless. Controversial, I’m sure. Just make everything thats Blue, Green, and White a "Legendary" and give them random rolls. Players hardly use any of these weapons anymore and if they were added into the loot pool suddenly have new loot in the loot pool and we can start to use other weapons.

Exotic Blueprints

Its an Exotic Cipher but with a different name. Keep it the same. Easier for people to understand what it does with a name like that.

Are We Done Yet?

In closing, I want to make a final note that obviously Bright Dust and Silver would remain unchanged. Premium currency is a whole different beast, but those two are simple enough. I preferred when it was called Silver Dust though. Ultimately there is a core problem with how the game handles a lot of things, but I have been mulling over how Destiny's economy could be fixed for months. Simplicity is something Destiny is sorely lacking when it comes to how players interact with their gear, their vendors, and their playlists. I think out of all the problems this game has this is the one that has the easiest to understand solution, though it would require a lot of changes to implement. Its not like Bungie hasn't removed currencies before though, right?? Anyway, that's all I got for now. If you made it this far, thanks for sticking it out. Let me know if I forgot anything. I'm gonna go cry into my cloak now.

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P.S – F in the chat for my Long Goodbye. I was running the Kargan Nightfall and got another one! A SUNSET GUN as Nightfall loot. I just miss it. Outlaw Rampage, PLEASE BUNGO.


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