Destiny is a success (overall)

Content of the article: "Destiny is a success (overall)"

Hey reddit, longtime destiny fan wanting to share my thoughts on destiny now, in the past, and in the future. I'd like to consider myself the target audience for destiny as I usually play just enough to get things done by the end of the season. Somewhere between casual and hardcore, I suppose.

I'll get started by saying that since destiny 1s release, it's been a long Rollercoaster of excitement and disappointment. I see so many people that love destiny, it's lore, and it's mechanics, but burn themselves out by playing activities until they're so repetitive that their desire to play and their enjoyment is weakened. Allow me to make a loose comparison. On 11/11/11 a behemoth of a game was released. Having been at least three years in development, Skyrim was a very enjoyable experience from the start. With a world full of things to discover, players would spend hundreds of hours exploring the world to unearth it's secrets. Destiny, at launch, was not like skyrim. It had so little to offer at the start. 10 hours of story, maybe. And after 4 years of development! This is where this story could have ended. Some of you might even think that it should have. Personally, I didn't pick it up again until after more content was added. But these developers, unlike those who created games like Skyrim, were developing a changing world, an experience that I believe is unlike any other.

Here's the thing. The last dlc for skyrim came out late 2012 and development basically halted to work on other projects in 2013. Not so for destiny. My fellow enthusiasts, destiny has been in development since 2010 and has not stopped attempting to expand. There have been times in destiny where we were so engaged in the world, the raids, the exotics, and the secrets that we felt like we couldn't put it down. Many of us, myself included, have thousands of hours dedicated to this game. Games like Skyrim, in my opinion, do not have that kind of playability. So why, then, are games like skyrim so revered, when destiny continues to be viewed as a second rate game? I believe there are a number of reasons for this, but foremost, I think the difference lies in the development. I think our opinion on destiny has been soured by expectation.

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Why do you play destiny? We all have our reasons. Mine come in the form of memories with friends, staying up and doing raids until 3 in the morning. I know I'm not the only one who chases that feeling to this day. These memories are the reason that I consider destiny to be an overall success. That being said, destiny is nothing like skyrim. Destiny is no one-off and I'd argue that there is no "base" game anymore. It has changed so much.

This brings me back to my initial point. Destiny is a train ride, not a stop along the way. To me, it isn't a place that you can stay, it's a trip that you take. We've had some rough trips, we've hopped off at stations to get back on later. I want to tell you that that is okay. Don't let FOMO get you down, if you don't enjoy the season, hop off for a bit, catch the train the next time around. Wait for the vaulted content if you're unsatisfied now. I think bungie has been playing catch-up ever since ftp released. We can't change that. We can, however, be constructive with our criticism and patient with its implementation. There's a lot of work to do on destiny without the addition of new content, a lot of which we know will be addressed this year. The season loop might be tiring and not exciting at the moment. Maybe we're kinda upset about sunsetting. Maybe we were using all of the content in d2 and we're upset that we don't have it right now. Maybe we're tired of dying to shatterdive. I get it. I'm there with you and sometimes the best thing is to step away for a while. But in the end, I love this game and many of you do to. I look forward to 2021 in d2 and what it will bring. Whatever your choice, stay or go, guardians like myself are happy to have you and hope to see you again.

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TL;DR: destiny overall has been a good experience. It will keep progressing and changing, so if you feel overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) it might be beneficial to stop playing for a while.

*Disclaimer: These are just thoughts and opinions, please be kind.


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