Doom Fangs + Bountiful Wells = Supers In Under 30 Secs

G'day Guardians, today I've got a write-up which'll showcase how (and why) Doom Fang Pauldron's are a great choice within Season of the Lost. If you get the combo string down pat, you'll be in your super in under a minute easily. With Doom Fangs intrinsically extending your super on shield throw hit, you'll literally always be in your super, or working a few commands together to get back into it shortly. I'm sure everyone gets the general gist of Doom Fangs and what previous builds existed for it, but with the introduction of some new elemental well mods, this build has been optimised tenfold.

If you'd prefer listening to my ramblings via video instead, feel free to watch the build – here

Doom Fang Pauldrons

  • Void melee kills give Super energy
  • While Sentinel Shield is active, melee kills recharge Shield Throw, which extends your Super on hits

-> already here, you can see it's natural combat loop of using your void melee (shield bash) to gain super energy -> and then once in your super, throwing your shield at ads to keep the super going -> shielding bashing while in super to reduce the shield throw mechanic -> repeat

Although lucky for us, we are fast approaching the 5th year of destiny, and we have so much in our tool box now that we can definitely optimise this process.

Subclass – Bottom Tree Void

  • Shield Bash – After sprinting for a short time, use this melee ability to unleash a devastating Shield Bash that disorients enemies
  • Superior Arsenal – Grenade kills recharge your Grenade energy
  • In the Trenches – Kills while surrounded by enemies reduce the cooldown of your Super
  • Second Shield – Gain an additional Shield Throw charge while Sentinel Shield is active

-> everything here is perfect to assist the build but the Second Shield throw is key here. It furthers the natural combat loop mentioned above. There's nothing new here, previous iterations of this build would've given the same info.

Mods To Use

  • Helmet – Arc | 2 x Hands-On & Melee Wellmaker
  • Arms – Solar | Impact Induction & Melee Wellmaker
  • Chest – Solar | 2 x Concussive Dampener (personal preference) & Bountiful Wells
  • Legs – Arc | Heavy Handed
  • Class Item – Arc | 2 x Outreach & Elemental Charge

Weapons To Use

I know I’m going to see comments about it, so I’m beating you all to the punch. Monte Carlo is probably a good choice to pair with this build BUT I hate tying my exotic weapon slot up, especially with a gun I don't personally enjoy using. I also find I don’t even need it. If I get the chain down well enough, I’m constantly fuelling my super with my shield bashes, and my shield bashes are up every couple seconds, there’s actually very little room to be using a weapon at all. But, if you want a recommendation, sure, Monte Carlo works, or anything with Wellspring will do the trick as well. I running whatever, so don’t feel like you need to be tied down with any specific weapons.

Stats To Spec Into

Aim for high strength, as high as you can possibly go. This provides 3 benefits. The first one, is that once you’ve got your 95% refunded melee energy back, we’re going to have to do that little bit of sprinting to get ready to shield bash again, that’s where our high strength comes into play. 100 Strength reduces the cooldown to 32 seconds. Now since we only need 5% of that, it normally only takes about 2-3 seconds to get it back fully, and by then you’ll be already sprinting tracking down that next target. I have my rule of thumb, staple 50 resilience and high recovery as well, and that’s just because we’re mostly shield bashing enemies and we don’t want any unfortunate deaths. That’ll cause us to lose our 2 stacks of charge with light. Which leads us to the second reason why you need to rock high strength. The chain for this build only starts to work once you’ve become charged with light. After we shield bash the first enemy, and get our charged with light, we will actually need to wait for a full melee charge to come back, so having high strength allows us to get things going a little quicker. And lastly, when you’re in your super, the recharge rate for getting your 1 or 2 shield throws back, is calculated through your strength stat (even though it's incredibly fast), so to have as much uptime for your shield throws when in your super, I do absolutely recommend that high strength stat. Intellect isn’t overly important, mines sitting in the mid range there, but it could work with low, or high. If you’re getting your shield bashes off efficiently, then you don’t really need any intellect at all.

  • Mob: 2
  • Res: 5
  • Rec: 8
  • Disc: 3
  • Int: 6
  • Stre: 10

Lab Notes & Synergy

The idea of this build is to have our super up as much as possible because it’s the most satisfying thing in the world, watching a dreg run away from your shield chasing him down. To get our super up quickly, there’s a couple things working in our favour. Our melee! The shield bash melee ability is literally going to fuel our captain america dream. The Doom Fang’s intrinsically give us super energy on melee ability kill & then there’s the double Hands on mods too. If you can pull off a successful shield bash on a couple, or even a group of ads, you’ll sometimes find you’re getting about 30% of your super on just a single shield bash. So now, we want the most uptime on our shield bash as possible. Heavy Handed is going to give us 50% back when we use our melee ability, and we’re automatically collecting 3 elemental wells after a shield bash. The energy from the 3 wells, and heavy handed, will give us about 95% of our melee back. UNFORTUNATELY there’s nothing in the game, that I can find, which'll refund the entire 100% back. I tired everything!! I tried the new melee kickstart mods with bountiful wells and more melee wellmaker mods. It doesn’t give you more energy back then what I’ve suggested. I’m happy with getting 95% of the energy refunded because the shield bash actually requiring you to be sprinting for a couple seconds to do.


> copy mods & stat distribution (if possible)
> shield bash melee ability will give super energy (2x hands-on mods & doom fangs perk)
> the heavy handed mod, paired with 3 elemental wells (2x melee wellmaker & bountiful wells) will give us optimal uptime on melee shield bash ability (roughly 95% energy back each strike)

Hopefully some of my fellow Titan mains dust of their pair of Doom Fangs from the vault and enjoy this beauty once again.

Take it easy Guardians


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