Earned “From The Jaws Of Defeat” yesterday and I’ve never played a crazier round of Gambit Prime.

Content of the article: "Earned “From The Jaws Of Defeat” yesterday and I’ve never played a crazier round of Gambit Prime."


I've been working on Reckoner the past month or so. So I queue up for a match to get collector finished.

I join and it looks… bleak. There's six blockers on the bank, two knights and six captains. We have something like 16 motes and they're around 82 or so. That's when I notice it's 4v3… I'm the third. I joined an in-game match to be the third player.

… well, fuck.

The other two people are clearly just not quite in the fight at this point, after three quick successive deaths trying to clear this clusterfuck of a bank. I'm like, "Right. Loadout swap. Jotunn time mother fuckers." Captains keep clustering, so I keep firing. Shield explosions eventually get this mess cleared out after two deaths.

They've had their primeval for a period now.

Okay, let's just see what we can do. I start collecting motes, then, for the first time in 30+ matches that day the two people aren't assholes. They're not stealing motes from me (there's one asshole Titan I'd like to bitch about from another match), they're letting me collect everything and only take motes when I can't carry.

One invades…. wipes the team. What? Seriously?

Huge blocker out. Second huge blocker out. Wait, are they not clearing the blockers? No! For whatever reason they are not clearing blockers lost their fourth. It's now 3v3.

They invade a few times, shut down almost every time.

By the end of banking, we have two huge blockers, a knight, and at least one captain. I know we sent a few more, I doubt they got it cleared. But four is all that is shown on the HUD.

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Our one invader is just going portal-after-portal as hard as they can. Wiping the team or just 2 of the 3.

10 seconds on the clock and we both have healed primevals. Our invader keeps them busy. They take a few pixels sliver off theirs. We take like a tenth of one of the bars off the top.

Default! We win! Holy shiiiiiiiiiit!

Man, that has got to hurt as the opposing team. Never give up!

To the two players on my team (I'm not posting their screen names because I'm not sure that's allowed): Thank you. I don't think I've seen guardians ever fight like that. I sent you both a "Great game!" message after, forgot messages we're blocked on my end so if you replied I never saw it. Thanks again!


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