Either get rid of power level grind or make it actually meaningful

Last night I ran the weekly mission in the cradle (can’t think of its name of the top of my head) and I noticed it was set to a power level of 800, I am currently at 1036 power. Yet lots of acolytes and knights had the red icon with a sword next to their name meaning they are dangerous but I can still kill them. This would mean that they would probably be around 1040 power (not completely sure what their power would be but I think that’s a safe assumption). So that means that a mission set for power level 800 had enemies approximately 240 power above the recommended. If enemies are going to scale that much they why do I have to bother grinding power in the first place. My rewards are the same everywhere (except nightfalls which have other modifiers to make them cancerous) and the difficulty is the same if I’m at 800 or 1060.

So bungie, either remove the power grind all together and gate you new activities behind something else. OR add different level of difficulty that give higher rewards and actually make power level relevant and feel like I’m getting stronger. For example at 1036 I should be able to run through a 750 nightfall and lottery just shrug off the damage, I should be able to sand in an ogre’s eye beam and survive because I’m almost 300 power stronger. The thing that forces people to play the more difficult one is the prospect of better loot (whether or not is that much better is an argument for another time). You could do a similar thing you did to nightfalls with raids, the higher the power level of the enemy, the harder the raid, the better the loot. But if you want to teach people the raid take them through the 800 version, less loot, weaker enemies, but you can carry the team more as you are just stronger and the new players can focus on learning the mechanics. However if you do this, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT add more champions and other terrible modifiers that made everyone hate grandmaster difficulty.

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Long story long, fix my power level and make me feel like I’m getting stronger, not just managing to stay on par or below the enemies.


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