Exotic Scouts (excluding DMT) are just worse than legendary scouts + a different exotic

I was reading the exotic weapon usage survey, and I think that generally, there are very understandable reasons why certain gun types are not used very often. The way I think about it, there are 3 main modes in Destiny (excluding gambit….): Low-end/normal PvE, PvP*, and high-end PvE. I’m going to be using scout as the main example, but I think it applies to the other 2 (autos, sidearms) as well.

In low-end PvE there’s no reason to run anything optimally. You can run a stack of blues, and be totally fine. A lot of the time, this means you run your highest light stuff, your shiniest new toys, test builds, or whatever feels good. A lot of low use gun types don't feel fun, even if their damage isn’t that bad. They’re just bland. With green bricks everywhere, if you want to compete as a primary, you have to bring something special to the table. SMGs are DPS beasts. Bows feel pretty anime/badass and have the AA to make you feel like Artemis, herself. Hand cannons… well they aren’t on the low use list because they get used in PvP.

Speaking of PvP: scouts suck here because their primary benefit (range) is absent from most engagement lanes. They live in a space where they get wrecked by snipers, or wrecked by handcannons. Their optimal range is…. Non-existent on most maps. There are some sightlines that they do ok in, but its almost always better to have the versatility of a HC or the one-tap potential of a sniper.

In high-end PvE, I actually think scout rifles themselves do pretty well! Exotic scouts do not! In high-end content (think GMs) where you really should be going for a more optimized build, exotic scouts do not do enough. They are competing directly with legendary scouts for their role as a long-range plinker (and legendary scouts do this job very competently), and with other exotics for the exotic slot. Basically every exotic scout I can think of would be worse than taking in Anarchy + purple scout. Especially with Breach + Clear. Like to the point where I would ask LFG blueberries to explain themselves if they showed up to a GM attempt with an exotic scout instead of anarchy, Iza’s, witherhoard, Eriana’s vow, (in certain cases, even lament).

TLDR: Exotic scouts ask too much (exotic slot) and give too little (don't feel cool, and perks are… underwhelming). Given that lowend lets you use feel good guns, and pvp/high-end pve ask you to play optimally, exotic scouts won't get picked, even if scouts in general are ok.

Edit: Since its come up in this thread, a few times: I'm not advocating a global buff for scouts. I'm actually arguing against it. I think purple scouts are in a "fine" position. If we get more long range maps in PvP, I think they'd have a place, and high-end pve enjoys the utility of range! My goal was to explain how the low exotic use isn't actually because scouts are shit, but because they're exotics that don't compete very well with their legendary counterparts or other exotics.

Low-end pve is actually the most challenging to fix for scouts (if you want to do that). The competition for weapon slots (legendary and exotic) is based more on preference and fun than performance. Scouts, and the other 2 lower-use guns, are just kinda boring.. theres no fantasy associated with them in my opinion. Thats why DMT gets used a lot in low-end stuff: its cool!


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