Exotic Weapon Idea: “The Holdout”

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Hello Guardians, please forgive the poor (or lack of) formatting, this is my first post. This is an idea for an exotic I thought would be fun, let me know what you think!

The Holdout

Weapon type: Scout Rifle Foundry: Tex Mechanica Ammo type: Primary Slot: Kinetic

"When it's all you got, it's all you need." -Tex 99-40

Impact: 80 Range: 100 Stability: 60 Handling: 70 Reload: 80 Magazine: 6

Intrinsic: The Holdout – This weapon fires powerful rounds with a lever action. (This animation would take 0.5-0.6 seconds to complete)

Column 1: Tex Iron Sights – Greatly increases range and handling speed, medium-low zoom

Column 2: Textured Grip – Greatly increases handling speed. Increases stability.

Trait 1: Crack Shot – Successfully landing 2 precision hits within a short time window (1-1.2 seconds) loads a powerful, staggering round (2x damage, unstoppable round)

Trait 2: Moving Target – Increases movement speed and target acquisition when aiming down the sights.

Catalyst: Lone Star : +30 handling. Greatly increases the speed of the lever action when you are the last guardian standing.

(Extra notes: This weapon would do ~130 damage headshots in pvp. 3 shot body shot. Crack shot round loaded would 1 hit to the head for all resiliences, ~150 to the body. Adds sniper glint in pvp with crack shot active. The idea would be a very high skill ceiling weapon that rewards great aim and fast target acquisition. In pve it would excel at taking out majors at a distance, in pvp it would offer a skilled player some pretty cool 1v2 plays with the catalyst offering a lot of possible utility in survival modes or nightfalls)

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Appearance: I'm no artist, but I envision this gun to be loosely based on an American civil war era lever action repeater with Tex Mechanica ornamentation.


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