Eye of Sol needs to come back and bite of the fox drop rate needs to be buffed. Here’s why: + A comprehensive sniper write up.

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TLDR at the bottom.

Bite of the fox is in the loot pool, it just never drops. my friends/clan and I combined have turned in around 4000 iron banner tokens with not a single bite of the fox dropping this season. They do drop but it’s at such a low rate it makes absolutely zero sense.

Why do orewing’s maul, shining sphere, fools remedy, and the forward path all drop but bite of the fox doesn’t? All of these weapons were introduced/reissued in arrivals but bite of the fox and swarm of the raven (but I’m not going to focus on that as we have enough power gls) are the only ones barely dropping. And it isn’t the fact that bite of the fox was reissued because so was orewings and shining sphere but those are dropping at a significantly higher rate.

What makes it worse is that currently we are absolutely lacking in the kinetic special weapon department and bite of the fox and reintroducing eye of sol to the loot pool would help remedy this issue.

Kinetic (legendary) special weapon options that are dropping right now (at a reasonable rate) include: heritage, blasphemer, toil and trouble, astral horizon (without QuickDraw), succession, long shadow, and supremacy. 7 total.

Currently there are 3 kinetic snipers in the loot pool: long shadow, succession, supremacy. As opposed to 8 energy sniper rifles: apostate, adored, far future, frozen orbit, widows bite, distant tumulus, ikelos sniperv2, and omniscient eye.

There are more energy snipers than special kinetic weapons in total! Right now we need bite of the fox to drop more than ever.

Sniper breakdown (my opinions plus stats)


Pros: aggressive frame, really pretty good stats, is currently dropping, god roll is moving target snapshot.

Cons: worse stats than frozen orbit, must complete deep stone crypt (requires beyond light), no QuickDraw, and has 50 zoom.

Overall: probably worse than frozen orbit but not bad. it’s all we have got though.

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Pros: really good stats, is currently dropping, highest aim assist stat in the game, 40 zoom. god roll is snapshot + kill clip/rampage.

Cons: requires last wish, odds of getting one with a good roll is pretty low, poor range, 140 rpm.

Overall: probably the best 140 rpm sniper in the game. That being said 140s are just not as good as the other two archetypes of snipers. Better than distant tumulus, ikelos, widows bite, apostate. Probably equivalent if not slightly better than omniscient eye.

Long shadow:

Pros: adaptive frame, clean sights, nice sound (maybe?)

Cons: 50 zoom at the minimum, poor aim assist, worse stats in almost every metric when compared to adored and eye of sol, slightly worse stats than far future but significantly worse rolls. May take a while to get a good one because it is a world drop with a fairly large perk pool.

God roll: snapshot moving target +atc/ata scout/Rex. On most snipers this is a good roll but long shadow needs this roll. Moving target puts the aim assist stat up to 69 (59 base) which is barely above default eye of sol and adored (68).

Overall: Not good. It feels decent but a QuickDraw opening shot far future, a default adored, and any eye of sol with snapshot is better in almost every way. It’s all we have though.

Kinetic snipers that aren’t dropping

Eye of sol

Pros: 45 zoom, high aim assist, good range, great rolls, best stats (tied with adored) on any adaptive frame sniper. God roll is snapshot opening shot. It can also roll with snapshot box breathing/vorpal for shutting down supers.

Cons: the scope is a little large and some people don’t like it. You have to do trials for it. Oh and the fact that you can’t freaking get it anymore

Overall: In my opinion, this is the most versatile and best sniper in the game with snapshot opening shot, however you could argue for far future with QuickDraw opening shot despite it having worse stats.

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Bite of the fox:

Pros: aggressive frame sniper, 43 zoom, high range, can roll with explosive payload for fun, god roll is snapshot openingshot, snapshot moving target isn’t bad either.

Cons: poor stats compared to frozen orbit and succession. Worst aim assist by a significant margin. The scope isn’t very good and some people absolutely hate the sights. You have to play a lot of iron banner and hope, so basically, you can’t freaking get it

Overall: Bite of the fox is carried by the fact that it is an aggressive frame sniper and that it’s at 43 zoom. It’s stats are significantly worse than the other aggressive frames but with opening shot it can make up for it. It’s a great option for people that dislike high zoom snipers but want to use an aggressive frame. Not particularly meta defining but it’s needed to round out the kinetic options.

So what?

As you can see all two of the meta archetypes (adaptive and aggressive) kinetic snipers are worse than their energy counterparts. I am not sure why but hardly anyone uses succession and frozen orbit is objectively better, and long shadow at 50 zoom doesn’t hold a candle to adored stats or far future’s god roll. Supremacy is good but it’s a 140 rpm so it’s not good (hyperbole but you get the idea). We clearly need more kinetic snipers in the game so I propose buffing the drop rate of (or an entire iron banner loot rework would be even better) bite of the fox and bringing back eye of sol to compete with adored/far future and provide a lower zoom alternative for meta kinetic snipers. Right now unless you have a bite of the fox or an eye of sol you’re stuck with either the best off meta sniper, a long zoom decent aggressive or a sub par long zoom adaptive.

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Please bring back bite of the fox and eye of sol


We are in a kinetic special weapon drought right now and need new/more options.

For some reason bite of the fox (and swarm of the raven) barely drop from iron banner but all the other arrivals weapons do. There are 3 kinetic special snipers (dropping at a reasonable rate) and 8 energy special snipers. Currently available Kinetic snipers are just worse than energy. Long shadow can’t compete with adored and far future, succession is slightly worse than frozen orbit, supremacy is a 140.

Bite of the fox isnt OP and it helps round out kinetic snipers as a whole so it should drop more.

Eye of sol is the only kinetic sniper that can compete with adored and far future but it is completely impossible to get now.

The easy solution is to bring back eye of sol and boost bite of the fox drop rate. The harder but better solution would be to offer a loot picker (like the dsc chest) for trials and Iron banner or to add a similar mechanism to umbral focusing to trials and IB.

Please correct me if I’m wrong about anything and let me know what you guys think.



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