For Bungie day, I made a video game!

First off. If you don't care about the story here is the direct link to the game: The game is totally free for all to play.

Last Thursday was when it occurred to me Bungie Day was so close, and for another year I didn't feel like I gave anything back. I am a member of Encore along with awesome content creators, but I was always the guy that's just in the group. Because of the inspiration my awesome friends gave me, I decided to do something. I am a game developer in my last year of college. Because of that I thought it'd be cool to make something interactive. So I opened up Unity, and started brainstorming.

I ended up on a concrete idea and 5 days to make it. So I decided to do my own little game jam. I was going to create an interactive Museum, where each Exhibit is an Era in Destiny. I started off looking at models online for Destiny guns, npcs, etc. And there is an absolutely amazing community that models and rigs them. So I created a ghost. I gave it some lights and a little floating animation. And from there I went into focus mode.

I have spent the last week working on this nonstop. Since it was only a week of work it isn't super polished but I did my best. And I am truly proud of what I made. I don't want to tell too much about the museum but I can tell you that if you have been a Destiny player at any point in the lifetime of the game, you will get nostalgic. Outside of the awesome modeling work and voice clips that so many awesome community members have released online, this was a completely solo project. I do truly hope you all enjoy the experience.

PS: There might be a few exotic engrams in there to find as well. They might have some code emblems laying around ;).

Edit: Thank you for checking it out everyone who has. I usually don't like doing anything that could be seen as self promotey but I made this with all the love of this community in my heart.


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