Fun Fact: Xenophage can generate Warmind Cells.

After grinding away at the nightfall for a couple of days, I've run into enough people telling me to post my Warlock build as it uses two lesser used mods with really interesting applications. This is in response to the pretty rampant gatekeeping for Masters or GM runs in LFG. Unless you have Izzy or Div, you will not find a group.

Instead, I propose a Xeno Mind Build.

Wrath of Rasputin is the solar Warmind mod. It states that solar splash damage can generate Warmind Cells. And let me tell you, nothing creates solar splash like Xeno. There is no crits. There is no need.

With Warmind Cells and Global reach, two shots of Xeno can wipe an entire area of adds. It'll pop hobgoblins where ever they are, as long as they have "line of sight". This is in quotes because I've popped hobgoblins behind walls before.

The second set of mods to use is Taken Armaments and Taken Repurposing. I know most people run Barrier. You don't need it if everything but the champions are dead when you walk into the next area.

Armaments is obvious as every time a grenade kills someone, you regen heavy ammo. For Xenophage, that is 7 shots. The less obvious one is Taken Repurposing. This nightfall has a lot of solar shields. Shooting any of them once with Xeno will pop them instantly. My tactic has been to save one shot for a taken captain, or if you are on the Dam section, pop the knight at the end to regen your grenade instantly. However, there is a second hidden perk of Repurposing that only works in PvE. Using a finisher on any Taken will regen your nade as well. That means a thrall or a champion, based on what is closer.

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Other than the four seasonal mods, everything else is fair game. If you can reach the secret raid chests, you'll be able to get the Last Wish mods, and possibly enough armor. If you can run LFG, I can guarantee a fun time just clearing entire rooms with your Shotgun Rocket Launcher.


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