Get your spinfoil hats, because I’m about to unveil the TRUE perfect paradox.

Content of the article: "Get your spinfoil hats, because I’m about to unveil the TRUE perfect paradox."

I’ve been thinking on this theory for a bit, working out some things making sure it makes sense, and i think it good to go. Sorry for formatting I’m on mobile.

So there I was thinking about the speech we heard saint 14 give at our funeral in the sundial, and I thought “bungie woudlnt really kill our character would they?” And no they wouldn’t and then I had a thought, what if our guardian did die in the future and were living out the altered timeline? Slow me to explain.

So in the original timeline our guardian dies fighting the darkness, and saint gives a speech, and then he has an idea, he remembers how we saved him via the sundial so he uses it to save us, now in the original timeline he’s needed fighting the darkness so who does he send? The exo stranger.

The exo stranger was tasked with saving us, and what better way to save us then to kill the very thing that kills us? But first she plants one of those time coordinates things on our khovostov, or maybe the ship? I don’t know but most likely she places it on something we own.

So we continue down the normal path but then she contacts us after we wake up the hive, and tells us “she knows what we’re going to do”, then she tells us to meet her on Venus, and she explains that we need to find the black garden and kill its heart, why? Well because theoretically that’s what kills us in the original timeline. Uldren sov once theorized that the black heart was merely a seed left to grow into something powerful, so well be going with that for the sake of the theory also because the black garden exists outside of time and space, and wether or not we killed the heart wouldn’t matter because everything would still happen the same.

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And so we create the TRUE perfect paradox, we save saint 14, we die, he sends someone to go save us, then we save him and so on and so forth until the paradox is resolved.

A little bit more evidence supporting this is what the exo stranger says in the beyond light trailer “where I come from the darkness won”. Implying she comes from a different world or timeline.

I know this most likely isn’t true, but it’s still a fun theory regardless.


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