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⭐Hoi there fellow redditors!⭐

I'm here 'cause my boyfriend loves the game and inspired me to draw some ghosts~

So far I designed three different kinds of shells, and I have to say the more I draw them the cuter they get!

Now onto the shells! The links to images of them are right below every header! For everyone who is reading this post when it's a few days old, check my profile for even more ghost shell designs!


👒Sun hat👒

Sunhat ghost shell

It's summer, so why not start with some summer themes! I wanted to enjoy some beach vibes through art at least since it's been rainy the past few days and we can't go anywhere anyway. I thought a simple sun hat would do nicely for a cute ghost companion!



Shark ghost shell

Still kinda with the summer theme, I wanted to try and go for an animal inspired ghost. I thought teeth would look rad on the shell, so I went for a shark! (Also because they're my favorite animal haha)

Notice the fish shaped light on the ghost? With the shell it looks like it's being eaten!

I know the tail isn't perfect because it would have two tails or not be centered if it was a 3D model but I noticed it too late so I just left it at that

This particular shell got loads of positive feedback, so I'm probably going to draw more of it later on and then also fix that error in the next image!



Aftermath ghost shell

After two cute and simple shells, I wanted to go overboard a bit and tried to make a dangerous looking one for a change. They're kinda inspired by those worms with circular mouths and scaly dragon tails (just more roboty, duh)

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The backstory behind the two versions of the shell is the thought that ghosts must see an awful lot of deaths while reviving their guardian over and over again The green lights turning into red ones are supposed to represent the bad memories they collect over the years. The blood stains are just there to amplify that feeling (but please wash your ghost if it gets dirty!)

Here's also the same quote from the picture again:

"Not even Ghosts are safe from scars. Some may not be visible, but Memories that are burned into your soul are never forgotten."


That's it <3

If you liked those designs or have some suggestions, let me know in the comments! I have a list of ideas I might turn into shells, so feel free to throw some more at me~


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