Heir Apparent catalyst is a monster in both PVP & PVE

Heir Apparent was already quite fun in PVP and now with the catalyst I think it's a very strong option for an exotic heavy.

To recap, Heir's spun up overshield grants 80 HP, gives full headshot clamping while up (headshots deal body shot damage) and also has 45% damage reduction vs kinetic damage and 20% DR vs solar and void, but none against Arc. The catalyst adds 75% additional DR in PVP (numbers personally tested and also available in u/Pip1n's Destiny 2 Data Compendium spreadsheet). This means that even Arc damage needs a lot to punch through.

Before the catalyst, one bodyshot from an Arc aggressive sniper rifle (Tatara Gaze, Arc Borealis) would instantly kill the Heir user factoring in the 120 hp shield explosion. After the catalyst, even 2 shots from those weapons will not kill the Heir user- the first does 40 damage and the second 47. 2 Adored bodyshots won't even break through the shield (33 + 33), although the third will kill you.

Due to 75% DR vs Arc, Heir is also now not trivially counterable by using an Arc primary. Without the catalyst, 8 Riskrunner shots will kill an Heir Apparent user from full overshield in about half a second. With the catalyst, it takes 32 body shots (25 just to bust the shield) to kill, for a TTK of about 2 seconds- huge difference.

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Heir can now tank an Izanagi's Burden 4x Honed Edge bodyshot. It will deal 50 damage, doing over half the shield. 4x Honed Edge Headshots will sometimes kill- sometimes they just show 50 yellow damage but do not kill. Not sure what's up with that. It will tank 2 Golden Gun shots, dealing 47 and 51 damage- the third will kill. It will even tank an Attunement of Hunger Nova Bomb initial damage, although the user will instantly die to the first tick of the DoT afterwards.

Additionally, the Heir DR stacks with Whisper of Chains DR. This reduces, for example, Izanagi's Burden 4x Honed Edge bodyshots to 37.5 (38 displayed) damage.

All of the above means that an Heir Apparent catalyst user is now a walking fortress in PVP. But the same principle is extensible to PVE. In PVE the Heir Apparent overshield grants only 62% DR (number from u/Pip1n's Destiny 2 Data Compendium spreadsheet), but this stacks with chest resist mods such as Concussive Dampener, Void Resist, etc. Additionally, just like in PVP, it stacks with Whisper of Chains. Just as an example, this means that if your Heir Apparent shield is spun up, you are near a Stasis Crystal, and you are using Solar Resist and Melee Resist on your chest, you will have over 90% damage resistance to a Solar knockback attack ( .25 * .8 * .75 * .75 * .75 = .084375). This might genuinely open up a path to playing a "tank" sort of role in PVE. I haven't had a chance to test much but I was basically able to sit on top of the Nessus public event servitor and barely take damage from its melee, which usually rips through me quickly. When the shield breaks you get 100 ammo from reserves too, which is neat.

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TLDR: Don't just vault Heir again when you finish the catalyst! Try it out and enjoy huge damage reduction in PVP and PVE while the shield is up.


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