Here is the list of the 22 Season of the Worthy weapons, that were saved from sunsetting.

Thankfully Bungie came to their senses, because these guns were going to hurt once they were gone. Sucks for Season of the Dawn weapons like Patron, Paradox & Breechlight, but future guns avoid sunsetting.

Here's the list:

9 returned Faction weapons:

FWC – Timeline Vertex, True Prophecy, Enigma's Draw

New Monarchy – Jian 7, Interference, Honor's Edge

Dead Orbit – Distant Tumulus, Dire Promise, Escape Velocity

True Prophecy currently enjoys the 120 meta in the crucible, and is a top Trials options. Jian has been a solid arc pulse, considering the number of pulse champion mods we've received on the artifact in the past year……. other's have some ups and downs.

6 ORIGINAL Trials of Osiris Weapons:


Astral Horizon

Exile's Curse

Eye of Sol


Tomorrow's Answer

All were re-released this year to extend their life, but the original versions of the guns were set to expire. Astral Horizon in particular had quickdraw, which has ruled the crucible for years until the upcoming nerf. Newer Astral's do not have the perk, making the original incredibly valuable. Didn't go into the other guns to see if any additional perks are gone, but the other standout is Eye of Sol, one of the few kinetic snipers left in the game….. there aren't too many left.

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1 Seasonal hidden weapon:

Felwinter's Lie – Bungie knew they were going to introduce sunsetting, and this was probably 1 of the guns they were most concerned with. Felwinters is the clear winner among pellet shotguns, and it was SUPPOSED to expire in 1 year from the time we got it (actually a little less than a year). But with the removel of sunetting, Felwinters is going to get nerfed down the road.

6 Seventh Seraph weapons – AKA warmind cell making weapons



Hand Cannon

Machine Gun

Auto Rifle


Outside of solar explosive guns with a mod, we were going to lose more than 1/2 our inventory of Warmind cell guns. These guns & mods created SOOOOOOO many builds in Destiny for the first time, and probably had some part in Bungie's decision to stop the madness…….. obviously not the sole reason, but certainly part of the conversation about character variety.

Season of the Worthy's seraph towers may have been awful, but the season produced some serious firepower. To warmind cells, to the Summoner which ruled the crucible for a while, to True Prophecy now….. and of course Felwinters. So we get to keep all that firepower until Bungie's next brilliant inventory purging idea.

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