Hey Bungie, Luke Smith said to keep asking about SRL…so I’m going to do just that.

Before anyone butts in with "tHeY aLrEaDy SaId ThEy ArEn'T bRiNgInG iT bAcK" because not enough people played it to justify the cost of making it or whatever, I'd like to point out that:

1) They said that years ago, things change.

2) The current seasonal model has been the creation of content that gets taken out of the game three months later.

3) Luke Smith literally said in an interview with DrLupo, just after Season of Arrivals launched, they don't have plans to bring it back currently, but he acknowledged that people want to see it return and he outright says to keep asking about it, meaning it's not off the table.

SRL should be brought back because:

  • It's fun, as evidenced by the positive feedback Bungie has received for the Servitor chase in Scourge of the Past, and the Rainbow Road in Prophecy.
  • It gives us a place to show off our Sparrows.
  • It's an excuse to give Amanda Holliday some actual functionality as a vendor.
  • It's an excuse to bring back Sparrow Horns.

Suggestions on how to make the mode more dynamic:

  • Scourge of the Past's button mechanic could be reused as a way to open up shortcuts in tracks?
  • Definitely have one of the tracks be like the Rainbow Road in Prophecy, Nine-themed and everything.
  • Use the opportunity to improve on the minor Sparrow Customization the horns provide. Maybe give us Boost Trails too?
  • Maybe its own Rank like Valor and Infamy? Maybe you could unlock more customization items the more points you get in a specific season.
  • Reintroduce Overdrive Sparrows, VoG is coming back, so bring on the Timebreaker.
  • This last one's definitely going to be controversial, feel free to disregard it if it's too far from what you believe SRL should be, but what about powerups? One could plant a pair of Anarchy bolts right behind you (so they're chaining lightning to each other), another could fire a Wolfpack Round straight ahead, maybe another could summon a temporary Heir Apparent-style overshield to protect you from harm.
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EDIT: Because more than one person has asked in the comments, SRL stands for Sparrow Racing League. It was an activity in D1 that was first introduced as the winter event…I think during The Taken King. If I'm remembering this right, It was around for a couple of weeks and then it went away, then when the Dawning became the winter event the following year SRL came back as a part of it, and remained in Private Crucible matches after the event was over.


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