Hey Bungie, Strikes are tad stale if you haven’t heard, how can this be addressed?

Content of the article: "Hey Bungie, Strikes are tad stale if you haven’t heard, how can this be addressed?"

Hey I'm /u/crusader3456 you may remember me from such feedback posts as Rockets Need Some Love (please someone get this reference). Today I though I would cover the wonderful world of Strikes next since many people seemed to like my Rocket launcher post. No this isn't just a post about Strike Specific Loot (though it is a big point in it). I want to take a dive into the multi-faceted solutions to making Strikes better. As always these are my opinions as to how to do it upon consulting with my clan and reading general feedback, and I really want to make this post to start a discussion into these vectors and more. these points are in an order that will flow into one another, not in any order of importance.

1) More Strike Modifiers: Strike modifiers add variety and spice the the Heroic Strike Playlist. A bonus is they can be utilized in other content too to add variety if need be. Let us start by looking at a list of Destiny 1 modifiers that would fit pleasantly at home in Destiny 2 as well as a few I have cooked up:

  • Elemental Burns – Significantly increased elemental damage done to and by the player. These are just more fun and challenging than Singes.
  • Small Arms – Increases Primary weapon damage while reducing damage from other weapons types (in d2 this would also increase Primary ammo drop rates).*
  • Specialist – Increases Special weapon damage while reducing damage from other weapons types (in d2 this would also increase Special ammo drop rates).*
  • Fresh Troops – Some enemy squads are fortified with additional combatants.
  • Daybreak (needs a new name) – Reduces cooldown of all abilities. More enemies have shields, enemies are more aggressive, and enemies appear in greater numbers.
  • Ironclad – More enemies have shields.
  • Explosive Ordnance – Explosive Class weapons deal more damage. Other weapons deal less.
  • Sharpshooter – Precision Class weapons deal more damage. Other weapons deal less.
  • Upclose – CQC weapons deal more damage. Other weapons deal less.
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Note*: These modifiers have the added bonus of benefiting from Destiny 2's weapon slot system. because Double Primary and Double Special can be equipped in D2.

2) Bring Back Strike Streaks: This was a pretty big thing in D1. But for it to exist in D2 it would need to evolve slightly. Extra legendary drops just aren't enough. The would make a good first tier, but an increase in Planetary Resources, and the chance to drop other resources such as enhancement cores, upgrade modules, non-enhanced mods, and mod components would be great rewards. I would actually recommend this for each of the three ritual game modes to be honest.

3) Strike Specific Loot: I got to it finally are you happy? Yes this feedback point has been beaten to death, but obviously not enough. Players want loot that looks like their enemies. They want unique looking armor and weapons that look themed to an encounter. They want unique reasons to run each individual Nightfall outside of just Upgrade Materials and Exotics (though those are pretty good). And they want them in all strikes not just Nightfalls. Nightfalls can and should be the easiest way to get these kinds of rewards, but not the only way. These made Heroic Strikes worth running anytime of the week and made it so that even if a Strike wasn't the Nightfall, its loot was still around. These also tie in as a potential candidate for a Strike Streak bonus.

4) Strike Scoring Like Rise of Iron: Strike Scoring (and all PvE scoring) is relatively boring. Why is that? Well it is based solely on Par time and generic killing. It is missing point modifiers for flair. It is missing medals for how you are playing. Here you can see a list of the medals that were available in Rise of Iron in Destiny 1. Bringing back this style of game play would add Triumphs to chase, more interesting ways to hit high scores, better less specific bounty objectives, and weird stats that you can show off (we all have at least one weird stat we are proud of, this adds a whole new avenue of stats). Destiny 2 has more mechanics that could all easily be turned into medals.

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I plan on doing these sporadically from now on if people like the conversations. What would you want to see next "Armor 2.0" or "Buff and Debuffs"


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