Honestly, I’m kind of let down with how the “Year 3 narrative” played out.

Content of the article: "Honestly, I’m kind of let down with how the “Year 3 narrative” played out."

When Shadowkeep came out, we were told about this overarching storyline that would permeate all of Year 3, and that the finale Season, which is the current one, would end with a bang that we wouldn’t want to miss. In my opinion, I didn’t really feel that during much of this Year. A lot of the narratives felt disjointed like the rest of Destiny narratives, but even more so because of how little content was actually dedicated to each facet.

Season of the Worthy was the biggest example of this: it was dedicated to a dangling plot thread that didn’t really do anything to change the world at all. Even learning about Rasputin and Felwinter’s relationship, while cool, doesn’t feel like it matters in the grand scheme of things. The only part that seems to have mattered in Season of the Worthy was the lead-up to Season of Arrivals, where we were finding out every week that the Pyramid Ships were getting closer and closer to our system.

Season of Undying into Season of Dawn did feel connected narratively, but the jump into Season of the Worthy kind of broke this storyline apart and it downplayed some significant events of Season of Dawn, like the return of Saint-14 and the decimation of the Red Legion (please move on from these guys Bungie. At least a new Cabal fleet would be nice.).

The “big bang” of Season of Arrivals was a treat to behold: the arrival of the Pyramid Ships, and the purging of all of the Y1 Destinations. However, it doesn’t feel like anything we did in the previous three Seasons had any effect whatsoever on this storyline. We knew about the Pyramid Ships in Shadowkeep, but we didn’t do much to prepare for their army invading our system. We had the Unknown Artifact from Garden of Salvation too that seemed to not matter in the long run (to my knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong).

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I hope the Year 4 narrative does find a way to become more connected in a linear fashion.

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