HOT TAKE/THEORY: Stasis isn’t the subclass for Ice. It’s the Subclass for the state of Absolute Zero

Content of the article: "HOT TAKE/THEORY: Stasis isn’t the subclass for Ice. It’s the Subclass for the state of Absolute Zero"

Ever since Bungie released the info on the new Stasis subclass, one thing has always been on my mind: Why does it call Stasis, instead of just straight up naming it as Ice/Frost/Frozen/Freezing…subclass?


Even if for marketing purpose, Bungie didn't have to mince words to make the subclass sound impressive. Any phrase related to Ice/Freezing could make this new subclass sound cool. Then WHY Stasis?


In their GCX live-stream, Bungie team even emphasized that this particular subclass, which we know is empowered by the Darkness, is NOT ice. So why highlight the distinction?


Then it hit me: The Stasis subclass isn't creating Ice, it's creating the state of Absolute Zero, and its power could affect Light to a certain level.


And I am gonna back this theory up with modern physics facts below.


Before we get to the point of theorizing how Stasis/Power of Darkness could actually affect the power of Light, please first bear with me for laying out some basics from the realm of modern physics science.


In general, the definition of Stasis is a state of inactivity or equilibrium; however, being frozen doesn't mean an object is inactive, at least from physics' point of view. When water freezes and becomes its solid state (a.k.a Ice), in physics' term, all water molecules are still vibrating and moving constantly, just at a much much slower pace than its liquid form. In fact when water freezes at 0°C, the entire body of water's absolute temperature is still at 273.15k, which means the body of water still possesses some energy.


In order to render an entity completely motionless for all its molecules, in other words for it to become completely without any kinetic energy, one will have to render the entity to the state of Absolute Zero. When an entity is the theoretical state of Absolute Zero, then it would really become the state of inactivity (all molecules cease to move/without energy).

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If you have read this far and you have some background in the Laws of Thermodynamic and Quantum Physics, you'd point out one major flaw in my theory here: "But the state of Absolute Zero will NEVER be possible! Based on Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the Laws of Thermodynamic, all entities could NEVER become completely without any energy because of the existence of Zero-Point energy every entity's ground state possesses!!" (basically an obstacle of scientific reality we could NOT break to make anything energy-less)


However, I'd argue, within the setting of Destiny universe, with the power of Darkness/another form of Space Magic, we are enabled to disregard those reality obstacles and use the power of Stasis to turn our enemies into the state of Absolute Zero.


Now I have established how the power of Stasis could be the power to create the state of Absolute Zero, please allow me to get into the part of how this power could affect/influence the power of Light.


In our reality, while experimenting with atoms, modern scientists have been able to observe a very fascinating occurrence when you cool a gas of atoms down to near Absolute Zero. As the atoms approach the state of Absolute Zero, the atoms would unite into a single quantum mechanical entity, an unique state of matter called Bose–Einstein condensate.


The Bose–Einstein condensate represents an ideal friction-less superfluid; but here comes the kicker: It could crystallize into a supersolid phase. This finding reminded me of Bungie's concept art for Stasis crystal, again from the original GCX livestream. With these facts, I hence theorize the so-called "Ice" we saw in all those trailers, are NOT actually ice. Those could in fact be an exotic form of the said crystallized supersolid created from Bose–Einstein condensate under the effect of Darkness' power/space magic.

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Another interesting factor that convinced me to theorize what Stasis creates is NOT something as simple as ice are the lore between Light & Darkness.


For a while in game, we have come to learn that Light and Darkness are not necessarily the opposite but rather could be similar forces with different variations of ability/power. Recent lore revelation associated with Ulan-Tan's Symmetry doctrine further described how the doctrine believes Darkness and Light could be two sides of a same coin.


This information gave me the idea that Darkness may be able to affect the power of Light directly, and vice versa. Interestingly, in our reality, when one manipulates the Bose–Einstein condensate, it has been proven the matter can slow down the speed of light (down to 38 mph to be exact) and affect the light's property.


Therefore if you would so graciously accept my theory of how the power of Stasis create the state of Absolute Zero, the potential property of Bose–Einstein condensate to affect the speed of light should also be able to serve as an supporting factor of my theory of the power of Stasis is able to influence the power of Light. Therefore by my theory, the Stasis subclass can NOT be as simple as a subclass for Ice, but rather a far more sophisticated subclass for the state of Absolute Zero.


Regardless the reaction to this post from the subreddit, I want to shout out to Bungie team for designing this seemingly exciting subclass, and also my father, who spent nearly 90 mins on educating me all the basics of Quantum Physics, Laws of Thermodynamic, and Nuclear Physics. I'm never a good science student, but listening to him explaining his life work (he holds Doctor degree for the filed and has taught decades of Physics) to me with passion gave us a connection I never thought we could have in a long time.


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