How bringing back a year 1 mechanic can help Destiny 2 right now.

Content of the article: "How bringing back a year 1 mechanic can help Destiny 2 right now."

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This post will lay everything out a bit more organized however the video does have some helpful visuals. It's up to you. But now to the point.

Weapon selection in Destiny 2 is very limited right now. Quite a lot of archetypes are missing from either the Kinetic or energy slot, or in the case of rapid fire pulses, completely gone. It's clear that Bungie wants s*nsetting to stay, and it's also clear it needs some improvements. I think bringing back the ability to change our weapons element type like in year 1 could help improve it. With a slight change. In addition to being able to from Arc>Solar>Void>etc. you can now also change a weapon from energy to kinetic and a kinetic to an energy. I believe this could help fill in some of those missing gaps and relieve at least some of the pressure s*nsetting has put on the game. Currently there is no 120 energy hand cannon. with this change you take your True Prophecy/Steady Hand and make it an energy. This would need to be balanced in two ways.


  • The weapon changes slots.
    • You still must have the current system of: Kinetic, Energy, Heavy.
    • If it's a kinetic and you make it a void it goes to your energy slot, and vise versa.
  • It will have a cost.
    • Changing a weapon from Arc>Solar>Void would cost a set amount of
      • A random destination resource
      • Enhancement cores
      • Legendary shards/Glimmer (or both)
    • Changing from a kinetic to an energy or and energy to a kinetic would cost more.

Every weapon that can swap slots in this system already have an archetype counterpart in the opposing slot already, current or otherwise. Meaning that having weapons jump slots and element types would not be broken since we have "effectively" been doing that for years now.


Should all weapons be able to do this? Yes but also no, let me explain. When it comes to special weapons like fusions and wave frame grenade launchers I don't think having them all of a sudden be able to do kinetic damage would be an issue, it would just feel weird. It may go against part of their fantasy and that maybe enough to not let them become kinetic. At the end of the day I don't really care nor think it would cause any issues. Heavies on the other hand may be an issue.

Heavies are designed around their damage. So if they were allowed to become kinetic they would be balanced around that. Most likely meaning that with kinetic damage they would have their current damage and their energy damage would be 10% less. I know it's a bit confusion. Here is a quick diagram to help. Left side is what they are currently like right side is what would more that likely happen if they were allowed to roll kinetic.

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Heavy Damage Currently: Heavy Damage With Change:
Kinetic Damage: N/A Kinetic Damage: 100%
Energy Damage: 100% Energy Damage: 90%

It's a headache. I don't think Bungie wants to do this balancing act and I don't think the playerbase wants their heavy weapons doing less damage just because they didn't roll kinetic on it.


Should stasis be able to roll as an energy type? No, I don't think so. Here's why; Stasis unlike the light subclasses has 3 set properties. Those being Slowing>Freezing>Shattering. All of stasis abilities and weapon follows at least one of these 3 properties. Light classes and weapons don't do this. Yes they have properties to them… sometimes. Void suppresses… sometimes. Solar burns… again sometimes. Arc chains lightning… once more, sometimes. Yes they CAN do that but more of the light classes are just focused around damage. As opposed to stasis which follows set properties that it must follow. I'm sure if Bungie made a new stasis hand cannon with "dragonfly" I can bet money that it's explosion would cause targets around it to freeze/shatter. And Traveler knows I don't want the S!@# just casually in crucible.

Elemental Based Perks

There are some perks based around weapons having elements on them. This raises the question of "Would a kinetic weapon having these break them?" And for the most part no, not really.

Elemental Capacitor

**Yes I know this currently has nothing to do with the weapons element and all to do with the subclass. However; My desire to make this a more desirable perk lead to a whole thing that lead me to the idea in this post. So it felt right to include it still.**

In this new version of elemental capacitor the perk is now attached to the weapons element not the subclass. Now if you want to have more stability on a weapon all you need to do is change the weapons element. You no longer have to change subclass and playstyle just to get a bump in stability. This perk becomes useless on kinetics, but you can just swap the damage type for that specific roll.

  • Pros
    • More flexibility in subclass option.
    • More flexibility in the perk simply requiring an element change to get the desired buff from the perk.
  • Cons
    • Useless on kinetics.


This could never roll on a kinetic (You may laugh now). In all seriousness if bungie decides to and they should keep Keep dragon fly on Coldfront it should have a kinetic explosion. Similar to the damage Mountain Top and Militias Birthright do. This also keeps Ace and Chromatic Fire exotics being the only things allowing kinetics to do an "elemental" explosion.

  • Pros
    • AOE clear for kinetic legendries
  • Cons
    • Kinetic explosion would do bad damage against shields
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Chain Reaction

Same principle as dragonfly. Even though it only rolls on heavies right now, if it were to roll on a specials, it would also do a kinetic explosion.

  • Pros
    • AOE clear for kinetic legendries
  • Cons
    • Kinetic explosion would do bad damage against shields


Currently you can only get osmosis on kinetics. With this change it would be possible to run two energy types on a single legendary. This would be strong, although I don't think it would push it into must have territory. This would allow you to use a single gun to break shields. Have it as an Arc for Arc shields and toss a nade when you need to break a Void shield.

  • Pros
    • Very strong for match game
  • Cons
    • It's power would need to be watched to ensure it doesn't become must have

Disruption Break

Rolling this on a kinetic would mean that you are actively taking a disadvantage so you can gain an advantage once the shield is broken. There is a trade off that auto balances it.

  • Pros
    • Extra kinetic damage while not needing to swap weapons
  • Cons
    • Kinetics do not do that much to shields


You do lose out on the regenerating ammo portion, but you would anyway on an energy if you didn't match the shield. You would still get the reload from breaking the shield.

  • Pros
    • Autoreload on shield break
      • (Pair this with disruption break maybe)
  • Cons
    • No regenerating ammo
    • Kinetics do no do that much to shields

Shield Disorient

Yes I concede. Absolutely useless on a kinetic. However; If you want to use a weapon but it's Arc and all the shields are Void, no problem. Simply swap the element and continue to use the gun you want.

  • Pros
    • Allows you to use your favorite gun with this perk
  • Cons
    • Absolutely useless on kinetics

And even if all of these perks were useless on kinetics, you can simply just swap them to be an energy.


Exotics should not be be able to use this system. They are design with their element in mind. Risk Runner shooting Solar bullets and creating Arc lighting is just… no… just no.


And there you have it. I believe that this is a very good system that the current version of the game can benefit from. Weapons become used how you want them to be used. You get more options and more builds. I do not really see many (if any) downsides to implementing this. Like I said, s*nsetting is here to stay and whether you think the moon weapons shouldn’t have been s*nset yet or you’re wrong there are a load of ways to improve the current system that I think works for both Bungie and the playerbase.

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