How to repair the Guardian Games. By: A Statistician.

If you’re anything like me, you are now very, very tired of running bounties and picking up “Contender Cards” from twitchy-face Eva. Guardian Games, in its current iteration, is a horrific slog of boring playlists (class specific strikes, anyone?), picking up triangles off the ground, and flying back and forth to the tower.

However, Guardian Games, as an idea…is good. The concept of all three classes competing against each other is very possible, but the implementation is fiercely lacking. Instead of making it a combination popularity contest/grind fest, with some tweaks, Bungie could make this little hate fest the Olympics-style competition it so desperately pretends to be…

To begin, each guardian would HAVE to pick a class, and only be allowed to compete with that same character for the duration of the games. I know this might be irritating to some people with 3 characters, but it is vital to maintain the integrity of the scoring system.

Speaking of scoring systems, right now, Guardian Games is all about a concept I’ll just call “uncapped volume”. To put it simply: players can play any class they want, or all three classes, and turn in an unlimited number of medals each day. This form of competition would work perfectly, IF we had an equal number of guardians playing all three classes (i.e.: 10 Titans, 10 Hunters, and 10 Warlocks), all frantically trying to turn in the best/highest number of medals possible. However, as we all know, there seem to be 10 Hunters for every Titan or Warlock on the playing field; (the pre-games estimates that were put out by various sources of: 38% Hunters, 31% of both Titans and Warlocks appear to be wildly inaccurate). This leads to a scenario where Bungie has to pick an arbitrary percentage, in this case 10%, to add to the worst-finishing class every day, just to maintain a competitive competition. This is a problem.

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The best way to fix this problem, in my opinion, is to use the power of the law of averages to balance the playing field, and give all three classes an equal opportunity for victory. The scoring system would work as follows:

-Every week, for three weeks, on weekly reset day, a player would pick up a Contender Card (just keeping the name for simplicity’s sake) from Zavala.

-These contender cards would be very simple, but have quite a bit of substance: every week, your guardian would have 100 “Events” to complete (very similar to the seasonal challenges), with Events ranging in difficulty from completing a lost sector, to completing any raid with 5 other members of your class, to winning 3 matches in Trials.

-Each of the three weeks would have a theme, with the first week being something like “Strikes and Dungeons”, the second being “Crucible”, and the third being “Gambit and Raids”.

-At the end of each week, every guardian would get a final score out of 100. For example: if my warlock completed 77 out of 100 events for the week, I score a 77.

-All final scores would be averaged out by class. Example: if only 3 Titans competed in the games in week one, and all finished 69 events out of 100 (because derp Titans 69), the the Titan’s score for week one would be…69. If only 3 Hunters competed, and turned in cards of 49, 50, and 51, then the Hunter’s score for week one would be 50.

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This scoring system completely takes out the need for strange scoring boosts and odd strategies to attempt to game the system. It literally boils down to: the class that performs the best, wins.

-If, at the end of the three weeks, no class has won two weeks outright, then the highest average of all three week’s scores would win the competition.

I feel like this system would fix a ton of the problems that are currently plaguing Guardian Games, and make it FAR more competitive and entertaining. As a bonus, I think that, on each different playlist week, we would see HUGE boosts to playlist population in activities like quickplay Crucible, Gambit, and even raids. Bungie could even take this chance to bring back much-beloved Crucible playlists like Rift (wouldn’t it be great to have an Event titled “Win three matches of Rift with an entire fireteam of your class”)?!

As an ending note, I am no kind of programmer or game designer (the only programs I would consider myself proficient at are Excel and Quickbooks), but this was the best thing I could come up with sitting in my office on a Sunday morning. Please, feel free to let me know if you love this, or if it’s complete and utter garbage. It may just be totally non-feasible, but I feel like a lot of the framework is already in place. Maybe one or two people from Bungie will see this post and change this garbage scoring system and event, because right now…I’m bored.

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An aside: I typed this on my phone, so please excuse any dumb typos or poor grammar.


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