How you should prepare for Deepstone Crypt.

I do a lot of Sherpa runs for Deepstone Crypt and other raids and I see a lot of people sign up unprepared which isn’t really a problem but I thought I’d make a guide for stuff you should bring if you’re looking to get into raiding.

Crypt Security

Weapons: For crypt security encounter the only really useful weapon is Xenophage. Xeno will allow you to do great dps to the fuses in the encounter and get a potential one phase. Other than Xenophage I would run either a grenade launcher to clear ads or a slug shotgun to take out the servitors that spawn in the encounter. My personal load out for this encounter is a slug shotgun with a primary weapon and Xenophage. Titans: Top tree void is the best subclass to run on this encounter. Bubble will boost your damage by a good chunk and using it on dps phase is a good way to get an easy one phase. Hunters: I personally like to use bottom tree void here. The encounter as a whole is pretty fast so using tether to clear ads faster is pretty good. Warlocks: Middle tree solar is a must for pretty much every PvE encounter in my opinion with a few exceptions. If you don’t have bubble titan standing in well of radiance is a great damage buff while basically making your team invincible. Phoenix Protocol and Lunafaction Boots are both great exotics for this encounter.


Weapons: Lament is king in this encounter. It shreds through the bosses hp and is usually the go to strategy for the fight. Other than Lement I like to run with a slug shotgun again to kill servitors and a good hand cannon to kill the annoying tracer shanks. Titans: Titans will want to run Cuirass of the Falling Star for this encounter. Cuirass paired with the mods Focusing Lens and Volatile Conduction make your Thundercrash super hit like a truck. If you have two Cuirass Titans and a Stasis user go up top on the start of the encounter you can throw a duskfield grenade with both thundercrashes and it should bring the boss all the way to his last stand. If you don’t have Cuirass you can always run Top tree void for bubble. Hunters: Bottom tree solar is a great bit of extra damage in this encounter if paired with Celestial Nighthawk. If you don’t have Nighthawk then bottom tree void is a great option or stasis if you’re running with cuirass Titans or your team is running focusing lens. Warlocks: This encounter is a pretty mixed bag for warlock. You can run either top tree void for big nova bomb damage or you can run middle tree solar for the extra damage buff and protection.

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Taniks, Reborn

Weapons: Not really too much to say about this encounter. You can pretty much use any weapon in this encounter and get away with it since it’s an ad fight. I personally like to keep Lament on during this fight as it’s useful for killing champions and yellow bars. If you have Anarchy it’s very useful for the suppressor role. If you shoot the boss with an Anarchy you can run through all three zones without stopping to shoot him making stunning the boss a lot faster. Titans: Any super is good in this encounter, Middle tree arc for the thundercrash is really good or you can run bottom tree solar for hammers or you could just keep using top tree void for bubble. Hunter: Top or bottom tree void work really well in this encounter but any super will work. Bottom tree solar with Nighthawk is good for shutting down a champion or yellow bar and any of the arc subclasses are good for their adclear potential. Warlock: Again basically any super is good for this encounter. Middle tree arc for chaos reach is great for killing lots of ads or killing yellow bars and champions as is top tree void for nova bomb. You could also run middle tree solar for the healing and damage buff.

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Taniks, the Abomination

Weapons: Double slug shotgun and anarchy is the best dps for this encounter and usually the go to strategy. Heritage the raid kinetic slug shotgun or Blasphemer are very good for the Kinetic slot. If you have blasphemer you want to look for Fourth Times the Charm and Opening Shot. Heritage is the best kinetic in this encounter and you want to look for Reconstruction and Recombination. Any heritage with Reconstruction on it is good though. For your energy slot First In, Last Out is the best weapon or a good rolled Bonechiller is good too. On First In, Last Out you want Auto Loading Holster and Vorpal Weapon and Bonechiller you want Auto Loading Holster and Opening Shot. Any energy slug shotgun with Auto Loading Holster is good for this encounter. Anarchy is the best heavy for this encounter because of the damage over time it provides which allows you to apply it to the boss and deal damage with your shotguns. If you don’t have anarchy a rocket launcher with Lasting Impression is good but it’s better to just use double slug shotgun. If possible you also want one of your teammates to run Divinity which is very useful in providing enough damage to one phase the boss. Titans: Top tree void for bubble is a must here. If you place the bubble before you jump over the floating debris on damage phase it will last long enough for him to knock you out and if you place it well you can have it auto reapplied to you. Hunters: Bottom tree solar with Nighthawk is extremely good here. A good burst of damage is never a bad thing in bosses especially this one. Warlocks: Middle tree solar with lunafaction boots is amazing in this encounter. You want at least 2 Well warlocks for the dps phase. Well of Radiance lasts around 1 and a half damage runs so 2 is almost perfect. Lunafaction Boots will extend the range of your slug shotguns allowing you to get max damage per shot very easily. If you happen to have more than 2 warlocks the third can run top tree nova bomb for when you are trying to spawn the orbs. If you hit the boss with nova bomb it will usually spawn all 4 orbs at once.

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I hope this guide helps you all prepare for the raid and every encounter in it.

TL;DR Xenophage, Lament, Anarchy, Kinetic and Energy Slug shotguns are all super useful in deepstone crypt.

Let me know if you guys would like to see this kind of thing for the other two raids.


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