Hunter: Flawless Solo Prophecy Guide for Scrubs Like Me

I’m a casual PvE player. I’ve never attempted Petra’s run, I still haven’t bothered with a Grand Master nightfall, and other than a few attempts at Shattered Throne (all ended by Vorgeth), I had never attempted a solo dungeon, much less flawless.

I die. Not a ton, but enough to make flawless seem unattainable.

However, with sunsetting, the extended season, and COVID, I thought I’d try to solo the Prophecy dungeon – at worst, it would keep me entertained for a bit. Two weeks later (including a diversion to successfully solo flawless Shattered Throne using things I’d learned in Prophecy – f*ck you Vorgeth!), I’ve successfully completed a solo flawless run.

I wrote up a guide for my clan, and I thought I’d share it here since a lot of guides focus on warlocks and/or are aimed at players with better skills than me.

This guide assumes you know the core mechanics already, and focuses on how to beat them solo with a hunter.

General Advice

First: Get the taken spec, barrier, and invigoration mods from the Last Wish raid – these are easy to get with two people, if a little time consuming. You don't need to run the raid. It took me 3 weeks to get all the mods. It took a friend one week – lucky bastard. Also get hive barrier by running menagerie. The tedium is worth the reduced frustration. Trust me!

Take it one encounter at a time and practice them. For example, when you’re about to finish the Taken Phalanx boss, just don’t. Stop, die, and run it again to lock in your strategy. Do this for each encounter until you feel like you have each of them figured out.

Take breaks between encounters, but remember that to get the solo triumph you have to complete it all in a single session (I didn’t realize this, and my first completion didn’t count – sigh).

Core Strategy

I used small variations on a single strategy for all the main encounters. I paired top tree nightstalker (for dodge invis), with wormhusk (for instant health), and a taken invigoration mod. This mod restores your class ability fully when you kill an orange/yellow bar enemy. This means you can invis, kill a knight (or sniper/ogre), immediately dodge invis again (+ WH heal), grab the motes and repeat. This is core to every major encounter, and made things very predictable.

There’s an argument for using bottom tree with gamblers dodge. It gets you longer grenades (great for oppressive darkness). I tried this, but found that my muscle memory for "oh shit" dodges, plus the instant healing from WH just saved me too many times to switch.

Load out

I ran the same load out for the whole dungeon, only switching my heavy weapon.

Mountaintop let me take down knights and groups of adds from a distance. If you don’t have MT, I think a low zoom high impact sniper could do the job. Gnawing hunger with kill clip and drop mag let me mow down adds at any distance, without any clumsy reloads. Taken spec on both for +10% damage.

For armor, I used wormhusk for emergency healing, and aimed for 100 mobility (90 + hidden 10 from traction) and 50+ recovery. For the final boss, you’ll ideally also want 50+ discipline so you can get two grenades out during the damage phase. I had to cobble things together based around which armor could slot the taken & hive mods I ran.

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I focused armor mods on damage reduction and ammo. 2x minor, 2x major, 1x boss resistance. Taken barrier, hive barrier, taken invigoration. 2x Grenade Launcher ammo finder, 1x enhanced GL loader, 1x GL scavenger. Oppressive darkness. Powerful friends (for the +20 mobility).

First encounter

Not much to say. I tried the skip, but eventually decided just running the encounter was easier. 🙂

Only tip: Before you leave the first room, kill two more knights for a dark mote and bring it with you. Way faster than trying to find dark areas in the second room.

Phalanx Echo

Heavy: Falling guillotine with whirlwind. Bonus points for jagged edge (more damage), swordmasters guard (faster charging), and relentless strikes (more ammo).

This encounter is super easy once you get the flow down. If you’re using the strategy above, the only thing that can kill you is the boss pushing you off the map. Circle around the outside of the arena, always keeping a pillar between you and the boss. Prioritize psions, then putting one shot on each knight.

Once that's done, take down one knight, dodge invis, drop a second knight, dodge invis, clear a well, and hide behind a pillar to heal. Clear any psions that spawn.

If you want to be super cautious, kill the last knight and then repeat when all three knights are back. This ensures there’s only ever one knight up while you clear a well. Once you’re comfortable you can optimize so you’re using motes from every knight.

When you clear the last well, pop a shot at the remaining knight to kill it. Invis, run to the boss, grenade (for oppressive darkness), and hit him with a heavy sword attack. Then just bang away on him, using a heavy attack whenever it charges fully and he doesn’t have his shield out. When you hear the goblins spawn, drop a tether, and keep hitting him. If a goblin still manages to shield him, dodge invis, clear out nearby goblins with your sword, and return to boss damage.

When his shields go up, clear the last goblins, and repeat. This should remove >50% of his health for an easy 2 cycle.

Scrounge for ammo, and head onwards.


Heavy: Doesn’t really matter, but Xenophage cleans up the insanely annoying taken captains fast, and if you’re lucky you’ll pick up enough ammo to avoid needing a rally banner in the next phase.

Not much to say, just be cautious. I’m an idiot, so I started swapping to a kinetic sniper to avoid accidentally blowing myself up on a thrall or blight with MT.

Hexahedron (aka the cube)

Heavy: Xenophage. It one shots snipers, and 3 shots knights if you’re low on special ammo.

As soon as you land, check which wall & mote you need, then kill the two snipers with Xeno. Now ignore the knights and super quickly clear a bunch of the acolytes. This was the main thing that made it so I could beat this encounter 100% of the time. Kill acolytes! You don’t need to kill them all, but keep them under control.

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Now use the invis strat from above to clear the two knights, making sure you go invis right before you pick up the 5th mote. Run to the well, wait until invis runs out and clear. Run around for a couple seconds while invis finishes charging, then invis again and run across the edge of the teleporter. Hide in a corner and reload Xenophage while you wait to teleport. Repeat.

If things get super hairy, tether. Also, it’s better to lose some motes, clean up adds, and have to kill more knights, than to rush motes and get killed by the adds + snipers.

The bosses at the end are total pushovers. Grenade the first one and kill with a few Xeno shots. Dodge invis/reload. Tether the second and kill with a few Xeno shots.

Rainbow road

When I play with a fireteam, I just zoom through the whole thing at full throttle (I miss SRL). But after spending 30+ minutes getting to this point solo, I’m super paranoid. I skip the ribbons and take the platform route all the way down, using Mountaintop to clear the snipers as I go. Takes a bit longer, but after a couple of dumb deaths, I decided to go slow and safe.

Kell Echo: Triangle room

Heavy: Anarchy. It does safe damage to the boss, and makes ogres a breeze. Don’t have it? Get it, it’s easy to farm now.

Basically the same strat as hexahedron. Only differences: Rush the first two knights as fast as you can so you can immediately clear a corner before the psions get too numerous. Once you have a safe corner, take your time.

Just like in the cube, I died a few times because I ignored adds. Clear out psions when they start adding up, even if it means having to redo a mote. As always, invis before grabbing the last mote, then run and clear a well. Crouch behind cover to one side, double tap the ogre as it spawns with Anarchy, then dodge invis. When the ogre dies you instantly get your dodge back again. Other than the first two knights in each cycle, just take your time and play super safe.

After clearing the last corner, calm your nerves and top up all your ammo by killing psions. There's no timer, and the psions will keep spawning in. When everything is full, head to the boss room.

Kell Echo: Boss damage

You want to turn this into a 100% repeatable process, but be aware he'll still tag you occasionally with a teleport blob. Your goal is to stay way out ahead of him, killing snipers as soon as they spawn, dodging to get health when needed, and tagging him along the way with two anarchy shots ONLY if you feel safe. Staying moving is the best way to avoid getting teleported.

Most of your boss damage is going to come from the first platform, the second last, and the last.

Run down the stairs, hit him with two Anarchy shots, then jump onto the right platform, avoiding his teleport blob. Hit him with an oppressive darkness grenade, tag him with two more Anarchy shots, and hide behind the column. Reload anarchy so it's ready for later, then run forward to kill the first sniper as it spawns in. Immediately jump over to the second sniper, kill it, then run forward to kill the next two snipers without pausing.

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By now, he's on his second platform. If everything went well, turn around and tag him twice with Anarchy. If not, don’t worry, it's more important to keep moving then to get a bit of extra damage. Continue forward, killing the next two snipers as they spawn in. Dodge invis/heal, and run to the last platform to kill the last two snipers. Look back – if things went well, he should be two platforms back on your left, and you can get a couple MT shots on him before he teleports to the second last platform on the right.

When he does, tag him twice with anarchy, and toss an OD grenade at his feet. Dodge reload Anarchy, then hit him a couple times with MT. Stay near the top of the stairs to make it easy to avoid his teleport blobs.

Right as he teleports onto the last platform, tether him for the damage buff, and tag him twice with Anarchy. Pelt him with MT or whatever until he's a couple seconds away from leaving (~8s I think?), then swap back to anarchy and double tap him. If he's still around a second later, do it again. He'll keep taking damage after he leaves, so it's important to tag him as close to the end as possible. Before you continue, take a moment to check for ammo that the snipers dropped, and dry off your gross sweaty palms.

If you do all that perfectly, you can 3 cycle. Do it well and it's an easy 4 cycle. Get teleported a couple times like me, and it might take 5. If you do get teleported, don't worry, just run past him, clean up any remaining snipers, and start damage from the last platform.

Eventually the boss will die. Hold your breath until the triumphs pop up, then go lie down somewhere to recover from the heart attack you almost had. Once the adrenaline subsides, check out your snazzy new emblem, mediocre new sparrow, and fun (but useless) ghost shell. Congrats!!

Side note: With this same setup and general strategy, Shattered Throne is actually significantly easier to solo flawless than Prophecy. If people are interested, I'm happy to write that one up too. Planning to take my hunter through the Pit next.


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