Hunters are irrelevant in moderate to high-end PvE

I believe hunters need more PvE-based buffs because at the moment, literally, nobody wants one on their team because of how little they contribute.

They used to have tether, then the artifact system made it so every class in the game has an equivalent debuff. Crowd control with tether is nearly useless as well due to how lethal primary and special gls are, esp with chain reaction or blinding grenades.

Going invisible is alright, sometimes, but doesn't help your team unless you are in gorgons with omnioculus, or you are straight cheesing encounters. Being a res bot is only useful if your team puts themselves in bad positions all the time, which is just indicative poor teammates, plus it you still get shot out of invis by some enemies for whatever reason.

Arc strider is useless, full stop unless you are using top tree for very specific content where you can melee enemies with liars handshake/one-two punch.

GG is only good with nighthawk, I guess it's ok with star eaters but they got nerfed to the point where you might as well just run nighthawk. Don't even bother with top tree with the range nerf it has, used to be fun to ad clear. Blade barrage is ok basically only on atheon where you can pop one after another, damage isn't good enough to warrant usage.

Star eaters were a glimmer of hope for hunters but that was quickly thrown out the window with the 8 orb nerf as well as the damage buff removal (the weapon one not tether).

Hunter doesn't help their team, or themselves anymore. It's baffling to me that star eaters got nerfed as hard as they did when something like boots of the assembler got its changes, there were memes and it was reverted in a week. Hunters aren't a PVP-only class, I don't know why Bungie is treating them like they are.

It feels like almost all of the hunter exotics are useless barring nighthawk and passive exotics like the sixth coyote.

I struggle to figure out how it is even conceivable that their kit is viable in end-game content. They can't even help their team anymore. Why would you use hunter over other classes?

It sucks.

Warlocks do everything ridiculously well and it has manifested in the form of Well/Shadebinder/Chaos Reach/Top Tree Nova meta in PvE.

Titans are well balanced, giving options for risk/reward in thundercrash and middle tree solar as well as direct support for their team in the form of both top and middle tree Void, along with sunspots which are awesome.

I see posts on here and other d2 social platforms where hunters are becoming other classes just because they are better. The hunter population is dying in end game pve, and it can literally be seen if you just glance at an lfg that requires warlocks and maybe a titan or two.

Please give hunters some love in PvE, they need it, they've needed it for a long time.

I want to help my team and give others a reason to want a hunter in their fireteam.

Edit: Some of the supers as well as the population in end game content and a detail on invis.


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