I 3D modeled my own custom exotic auto rifle – The Demolitions Expert

Content of the article: "I 3D modeled my own custom exotic auto rifle – The Demolitions Expert"

I made another original exotic! I’m a big fan of the Monte Carlo and its melee focus, but I always wondered what it would look like if it had a grenade based counterpart, so I decided to make the Monte Carlo’s cousin, The Demolitions Expert!

The Demolitions Expert takes a lot of visual inspiration from the Monte Carlo, but still has a unique shape to help it stand out. I combined the sleek aesthetics of the Monte Carlo with the base of a Remington ACR and then started to take more creative liberties.

Like the Monte Carlo granting melee energy, The Demolitions Expert grants grenade energy albeit to a lesser amount while dealing damage, but that’s where the perk similarities end.

Glorious Blaze

“When grenade energy is full, holding (Reload) consumes it and funnels it into this weapon’s launcher. When your grenade ability is reactivated, it fires an explosive blast that leaves behind an elemental vortex based on your current subclass.”

This perk takes into account your currently equipped subclass and builds around it. If you’re running Solar, the gun glows orange, Void glows purple, and Arc glows blue, similar to Hard Light and Borealis (not enough info on Stasis to incorporate that element here, sorry). When your grenade energy is full, you can consume it by holding your reload button and it will then be stored inside the underbarrel grenade launcher. Pressing your grenade button will then fire it forward (Jotunn style) where it will explode dealing elemental damage and then leave behind a lingering damage zone. With a Solar subclass equipped, the zone will essentially be a Solar Grenade, Void will be a Vortex Grenade, and Arc will be a Pulse Grenade. So even though it would take your normal grenade, you’d be trading it with a powerful two-part grenade.

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I decided to give this one a Catalyst right off the bat this time, and I settled upon one that turns your bullets elemental (based on subclass) AND explosive for a few seconds after firing the grenade launcher. It keeps in theme with the explosive nature of the gun and seems like it would be a fun one to use.

Hopefully it’s not too overpowered or underpowered. Let me know what you think, feedback and criticism are both welcome and appreciated!

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