I 3D modeled my own custom exotic hand cannon – Fang

Content of the article: "I 3D modeled my own custom exotic hand cannon – Fang"

I recently graduated college for game design, specializing in 3D Art, and I wanted to bring some of my own Destiny ideas to life using what I've learned!

This is an exotic I designed called Fang, a hard hitting unique 100 rpm kinetic hand cannon. Maybe it's just me, but I've always found hand cannons weak and tedious to use against majors like yellow bar knights (if I'm not in shotgun or Synthoceps punching range), so I wanted top make a hand cannon that actually felt like it could make a dent in tankier enemies without spending special ammo. While slow to shoot, it's singular purpose is to reward consistent precision shots against tougher enemies.

Dragon's Teeth

"Landing a precision hit with this weapon causes the next precision hit to deal additional damage. Stacks up to three times, and disappears upon missing a precision shot."

It wouldn't have Eriana's raw damage right out of the gate, but can be built up to that level of hurt. I would imagine PvP balancing would allow for a standard 3 headshot kill like with 110's, but after landing those 3 shots, the stacked exotic perk would allow for the next kill to be a 2 headshot kill. Hopefully that doesn't seem too unbalanced, but I mainly had PvE in mind when creating this weapon. It's a simple perk with a simple purpose, nothing too fancy (until I think of a catalyst).

If anyone's curious to see more pictures, they can be found here!

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!

Edit: Wow! I just wanna say thank you so much to everyone for all the love! I was not expecting this huge of a response, but I'm so grateful. You all really made my day. I love the Destiny community so much!

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A lot of you are also sharing some really great ideas and feedback for things like catalysts, secondary exotic perks, and balancing tips which I really appreciate. Looks like I'm gonna have to make an update with some of my favorites…


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