I completed the prophecy dungeon solo flawless!!!!

Content of the article: "I completed the prophecy dungeon solo flawless!!!!"

So I'm not usually one to try to solo challenges but I decided to test my ability as a guardian. The first attempt I tried was a couple days ago in which I almost finished it. But my nervousness and impatience caused me to blow myself up right before the last damage phase I needed. So I decided to try again today in which I failed the first five attempts bit then got the hang of it. I was stuck on the first encounter and when I finally finished it, I completed the rest. I only been trying to do this challenge for what probably adds up to less than a day.

Advice: For me, one thing I struggled on is to remain calm. I got really nervous whenever I saw my health bar go red. So stay calm when your doing this challenge. Take your time, dont rush anything. It isnt the end of the world if you missed some motes or if your mote time runs. Just keep going at your pace. For the final encounter, take as many damage phases as you need. DPS isnt the most important thing for the final encounter. It doesnt matter how much damage you do if you end up dying. Do as much damage as you can safely and always look out for the hobgoblins while your moving up. For the cube room, I always scouted where the hobgoblins were. In case you didnt know, once you kill one, it spawns the knights that drop motes. I stood underneath one goblin so I could the other goblin. I killed the other goblin and took out the knight and took out the new goblin that spawned. This is probably the safest way, or at least the way I see it. It allows you to handle the knights one at a time. For rainbow road, take your time. Dont die to something dumb. I personally never took out my sparrow, and I got through it with mo problem. My Loadout: Class: Warlock-Well of radiance the whole dungeon I ran mountaintop, recluse and falling guillotine for the first encounter with the large cabal boss. I popped my well and went ham with my sword on the boss. For the wasteland, cube room and rainbow road, I switched my sword with xenophage. For the last encounter, I switched xenophage with anarchy. The mods I ran were taking charge combined with protective light. I ran taken barrier and invogiration and concussive dampener. This allowed me to tank most attacks and taken invogiration allows my rift to recharge I kill a yellow bar enemy. Final Notes: Best feeling in the world getting that emblem. It isnt as hard as I thought it would be. The load out I ran really emphasizes survival rather than damage. Well I hope my advice helped and I wish your run the best.

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