I don’t understand why Bungie decided on this many layers of RNG for this event?

Content of the article: "I don’t understand why Bungie decided on this many layers of RNG for this event?"

So there are 5 chests per haunted forest run that each require a cipher to open to have the ability to get a braytech werewolf or a horror story which themselves as all destiny weapons have different possible perk rolls on them (which we don't even know the possible perks on these due to some api issue I assume or something of the sort, that's not really that big of an issue here. I get it shit happens).

So to farm for the roll you want on these you want to get 5 ciphers then go run a haunted forest, that wouldn't be a problem except the fact that ciphers are RNG based whether or not you will actually get one from an activity. Oh yeah and guess what you can't get them from doing the haunted forest if you wanted to run that as a chill farm.

From the Festival of the lost FAQ

Alongside a completion rewards chest at the end of a Haunted Forest activity, players will also find five optional caches available to unlock. These caches can only be opened using Cipher Decoders, which can be acquired via random world drops and activity completions outside of the Haunted Forest.

So let me break this down a bit more, let's assume that every one of the additional 5 caches you open you are at least garneted a werewolf or a horror story, so a 50% chance of either one (See edit 1),

then let's assume that like the horror story the werewolf has 6 perks in the last two columns each (I know the actual number or possible rolls are not truly known, but let's just use 6 for the sake of the argument)

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To simply get the desired two final perks on either of the gun you have a 1/36 chance

so from one cache you have a 50% chance of getting the gun you want, then you have a (for arguments sake) a 1/36 chance of getting the last two perks you want, which is a 1/76 chance you get the gun with the roll you want, then on top of that we have god knows chance of getting a cipher key.

Fucking 3 independent layers of RNG, it wouldn't be that bad if we got a cipher like every run of X or at least every other run of X. This feels like something that was put in to force people to do things that we've already been doing just for the sake of "player engagement"

That's also making some strong assumptions like assuming the caches will always drop one of the guns or that there are 6 perks in each of the last two columns, but dear lord if you actually want a specific perk in each column.

Edit: From u/StormXTS You aren't actually guaranteed one of the event weapons from a cache so it's even worst than the assumptions above
Edit 2: Thanks for the award kind stranger


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