I just did solo flawless prophecy and it was awesome!

My hands are still shaking, but I really wanna share my experience! It was a mix of pain, anger, despair and I went through all 5 steps of accepting death, but it was really worth it (I mean, have you seen the emblem and the ghost shell?)

I did this on a void top tree hunter with the 6th coyote exotic (the one with 2 dodges), but I also tried warlock and titan. Two invis dodges on demand imo are much more reliable than the rift or barricade. You can disengage, dunk safely, save the situation when you accidently f'ed up. I tried bottom solar titan (with bubble on first boss), but I found that sunspots and heals are not that consistent. Void warlock with devour also works (with well on fist boss and mote phase on Kell), but I guess I am not that good at it yet.

Also, why not bottom tree void hunter – I find that invis on melee sometimes launches you in a knights face instead of dropping a smoke bomb, also you need to focus on dodges for refreshing the CD. Pressing one button anywhere on a short CD was much easier for me.


1st boss: Witherhoard, Ikelos SMG and Falling guillotine. Mods: sword ammo finder, scavenger, 2xconcussive dampener, passive guard seasonal mod, warmind protection, wrath of rasputin, burning cells and global reach (I dont have protective light or rage). Took me two phases. Kill psions asap, spam witherhoard and jump around avoiding damage.

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Warlocks and titans can 1 phase this boss with either well or bubble.

Wasteland: Switched to succession (to kill hobs), Ikelos SMG and Anarchy (1 anarchy shot kills blights, couple anarchy shots also help with minotaurs). DO NOT HURRY, kill everything you see just in case.

Cube room: Succession, Ikelos SMG and Xenophage. Switched all mods for machine guns and passive guard for Power of Rasputin. Hide behind pillars, well placed warmind cell can blow up the snipers), try to dunk while invis, because snipers can focus you down really fast. After you dunk the mote you can stay in the room and farm redbars for ammo. Snipers and knights do not spawn after dunking. Bosses are easy, but I managed to die once to a stomp. Look under your feet, some rooms have places where you can fall. I did 😀

Sparrow puzzle: I ran all the way to the second pyramid, then jumped down the platforms, found it much safer than sparrow. Kill snipers, take it slowly.

And Kell Echo: I had two loadouts: for mote part I used witherhoard, Ikelos SMG and Falling guillotine again with the same mods (same as the first fight), except I had grenade launcher mods on (scavenger, finder, load). The main difficulty are the first waves on each phase, with 3 bosses, 2 knights and hella lot of psions shoooting at you. Get rid of psions asap, finish knights with witherhoard (or sword if they stand close), dunk the motes, ALWAYS kill OGRES and now you have a safe place to hide.

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After cleansing 3 pillars I switch to: Succession, Ikelos SMG and Anarchy. Farm some red bars before entering the damage phase (every 30 or 45 secs 3 packs spawn, you can kill them for ammo).

During damage phase: focus on killing snipers and watching your entropy stacks. Shoot boss with anarchy here and there, but always stay either close to him or in front of him (what you like more). Kill snipers, avoid dark clouds, don't hurry with dps, I did this in 4 phases. Before jumping the platform switch back to witherhoard and the sword, you can also shoot all SMG and witherhoard ammo and wait for the auto regen (you can leave your heavy ammo untouched). Rinse and repeat.

Here are the important things:

  1. My successful run took 1h20mins, so have enough time. You will have places to take rest between encounters, but when you decide to give it another try – be ready to spend at least 2 hours there (just in case)
  2. Prepare for sudden deaths and disconnects. I died once on the first boss while sliding down from the pillar after cleansing it (thanks, architects), I had anteater error while being already on a spaghetti part. Cube room glitched and did not TP me to the next phase. There were a lot of things that ruined my runs that were not my own stupid mistakes, it can totally break your spirit.
  3. Take your time! DO NOT HURRY! PLAY SAFE! Yes, you can get that last mote in the middle of the room to cleanse the last pillar, but you will die! Better collect all 5, but from a safe distance. Wait for your super to regen. Farm redbars for ammo. Take breaks between the encounters.
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It really feels like an accomplishment, although bugs and other issues are really disappointing and heartbreaking, there should be some protection against that. But it is a great dungeon, the rewards are wonderful and the experience is awesome! Believe in yourself, take it slow, watch some Eso videos and do it! I'll try to answer any questions if you have them 🙂

Good luck, gamers!

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