I made some new Concept Music for the upcoming expansions!

Content of the article: "I made some new Concept Music for the upcoming expansions!"

Hello all,

First-time poster (long-time lurker) here, I haven't really got a social media presence, nor do I post on reddit at all. I'm going to keep it brief, mostly because the crux of my post is music, not story, but I'd like to talk a little about my story and process going into writing these two songs:

Both of these pieces are intended for a Raid, or end-game story based content. In my own opinion the Raid themes are some of Bungie's finest and most exquisite audio. The various Raid encounters of Destiny are some of my favorite gaming experiences to date, and Bungie always seems to knock it out of the park in the music department. Here are the individual descriptions for the tracks:

The First piece, "Braytech Genesis" is based on my interpretation of a "Deep Stone Crypt" theme, and is intended for an establishing and general exploration/combat theme. The comparison I'd like to make (obv not in quality) would be to the "Keep of Voices" theme from Forsaken. The general idea is for the track to introduce you to the musical motifs of the area, and give your brain something to latch on to for later exploration. Secondarily to that, the track is also written to represent the lore of the Deep Stone Crypt. The DSC has a great deal of importance to the lore of the Exos, Clovis Bray, and the Stranger. As such, I tried to employ deep, emotive motifs that compliment it's sentimentality, and instruments and synthesizers that fit the tone. The piece comprises mainly of pulsating pad and chime synthesizers, and orchestral complements of Cello, Bass, Viola, and French Horn. Percussion is mainly based in poppy, crisp Timpani, Snare and Bass Drum.

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The Second piece, "Quria, The Dreaming Mind" is a loud, heavy-metal raid boss theme for a Hive-ish, Vex-ish, Taken-ish,"Quria, Blade Transform" fight. The comparison I'd like to make would be closest to "Temptation" from Shadowkeep. This piece is made for balls-to-the-wall action, and features tons of brash, abrasive synths and Guitar licks, along with haunting, distorted vocals. In terms of lore, 'Quria' from my understanding was a Vex Mind created to simulate and eventually destroy the Hive. During the events prior to the Taken war, Quria fell to Oryx, as it could not simulate Oryx's divinity and was Taken. Oryx bestowed upon Savathun the Vex Mind, and she used the Mind to spring the trap that led to the curse of the Dreaming City. (Please excuse the lore synopsis that I have almost certainly butchered) With this in mind, I attempted to incorporate as many Hive and Taken motifs (Oryx horns ftw) as I could, and create a fight-scene theme with one of Savathun's most powerful underlings. The track itself comprises of noisy, distorted bass and synths, as well as a more understated orchestral arrangement underneath, comprising mostly of Bass, Chello, and Horns.Also, there is a greatly distorting high vocal that fills out the highs of the track.

These two tracks have taken me about a month to produce the two of them, and I have thoroughly enjoyed building them for you guys. I have been learning and working at music production for the better part of two and a half years now, and this is the first time I've done any direct posting to a community. I have recently hit a good point in my life, and I wanted to give back a little to a community that has helped me grow and supported me through the more trying times of my life. Feel free to give honest critique and feedback, It will only help me grow as an artist. I thank you for your time, and I hope you all enjoy!

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