I recently did 200+ strikes, here’s a breakdown

Content of the article: "I recently did 200+ strikes, here’s a breakdown"

First a little context: I have been a long term Destiny fan, who took about a year long break and just recently got back into it. I like many other was very happy to receive an Exotic cipher after completing the short Matt Helsom (Rest in Peace!) quest. With mine I got Eriana's Vow and with it the catalyst, which for those that don't know requires 400 strikes/gambit/crucible matches just to acquire it. So, with more time on my hands, because of Covid I decided to dedicate myself to getting the catalyst. Now, PvP has never been my preference. I play it to do bounties/quest/pinnacles/catalyst and whatnot, but that's usually it. Unless Iron Banana is around, which I play as much as I despise it. And Gambit is well… Gambit. So strikes it was for me! After about 50 or so strikes I thought it would be cool to keep track and record how many of each strike I get and the average time it took to complete it. So here we are! Just as a note for the vast majority of these I was running solo, with maybe 30 or so being in a fireteam. Of all the strikes I ran with randoms, only four ever popped a Boon of the Vanguard. I try my best to use one each time, although I do forget occasionally. I mention the lack of people using them to show that something needs to change with boons to make them more utilized, like maybe auto turn in on completion? But that's a discussion for another day. Anyways here's the breakdown of all the strikes I recently completed and recorded. For each strike I first note how many times I received that strike and follow it with the average time it took me for a completion of that strike.

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– The Arms Dealer: 11 (7:51)

– Broodhold: 12 (9:41)

– The Corrupted: 11 (10:19)

– Exodus Crash: 11 (8:46)

– The Festering Core: 10 (9:52)

– A Garden World: 10 (9:19)

– The Hollowed Lair: 9 (10:09)

– The Insight Terminus: 17 (9:03)

– The Inverted Spire: 19 (8:58)

– Lake of Shadows: 17 (6:43)

– The Pyramidion: 18 (9:53)

– Savathun's Song: 11 (11:03)

– The Scarlet Keep: 15 (12:18)

– Strange Terrain: 14 (9:34)

– Tree of Probabilities: 16 (9:07)

– Warden of Nothing: 11 (10:05)

– Will of the Thousands: 13 (8:30)

Total Strikes recorded: 225

Average time of all strikes: 9 minutes 29 seconds

Fastest strike on average was LoS (No surprise there).

Longest strike on average was Scarlet Keep.

Most frequent strike was Inverted spire.

Least frequent strike was Hollowed lair.


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