I soloed Shattered Throne (flawless) and it was awesome!

Ok, from the creator of "I soloed Prophecy and it was awesome", I present you the Solo Flawless Shattered Throne thoughts and tips!

This time I started with my hunter and it went much smoother than prophecy (I actually managed to finish this on my second attempt), so there will be some insight on warlock and titan, but mostly from perspective of "what would I do" instead of "what I did".

I went top tree void with 6th coyote (again) and 100 in mobility and recovery. You spend most of the time clearing adds, as there are only 2 real bosses, so you can try different builds/loadouts which you are more comfortable with. For the weapons I recommend: kinetic sniper (I went with succession), addclearing energy (I went with Ikelos SMG, but you can use riskrunner/trinity ghoul/any weapon that is good at clearing adds) and sword for heavy (Lament <3).

Mods: taking charge, lucent blade, global reach and warmind protection. I don't have protective light otherwise I'd use it instead of warmind protection. Concussive dampeners and sniper resist mods are very useful.


For the encounters:

  1. The towers and symbols: clear adds and snipers. Do not rush, do not take extreme jumping angles, take it safe, take it slow, take a map with you. You do not have any timer. For clearing the mini-bosses I found two strategies: either pick the adds with grenades/weapons and then focus the boss, or go in rambo style with lament and shred everything.
  2. Descent. Take it slow, again, there is no timer! Take care of snipers, utilize long-range weapons (bows are extremely good), just clear adds and be careful. There will be two mini bosses before the corridor, use the sword or supers to finish them.
  3. Shoot as many mobs as you can standing outside the corridor, then start moving hugging either left or right wall. All of the mobs there are dangerous: snipers can snipe you, fatboys can boop you, knights are awful overall. Take it slow!
  4. The jumping section with ogres: kill ogres! They can shoot you off those platforms, so you better take them out. Either with range or with lament if they spawn right in front of you. I took it very slow and ran around with as little amount of jumps as possible, but if you feel confident and can zoom around – just make it to the thrall room.
  5. Thrall room is the place where you farm the ammo for the first boss. To do it safe I would recommend using something that can heal you or clear mobs asap (sunspot titans, devour locks, leg mods that heal you on orb pick ups). Get some ammo, restore some super energy and prepare for the fight. Tip: I once had a glitch when my hp was not regenerating after leaving the thrall room, take some damage (from mobs or ricochet rounds) and it will start regenerating.
  6. When jumping on that narrow ledge with booping things: take your sword out and be ready to light-attack back in to the wall. Tip: with revved lament you go further!
  7. First boss, the Ogre! When you jump down, the boss will spawn. After a short while, the wizards with adds will spawn. You need to collect 4 orbs that drop from wizards and dunk them into 1 of the bins around the boss. Before you pick up any orbs – you are NOT on a timer. But when you pick up the first orb – you have 45 secs to kill another wizard and pick another orb. You can either hide in one of the corners and snipe the adds/chip away the wizards, or, as I did on a hunter – go invis, run up to the wizard, lament the shit out of it, collect the orb, go invis and hide while your dodge is charging. Repeat 4x, then go invis before dunking the orb and prepare for a boss fight. With lament, passive guard and concussive dampeners you can tank all the damage he does to you. With tether, lucent bllade and lament combos you can one phase him. But if you did not manage to kill him in one phase, you have total of 4 phases to do so, just repeat the wizard stuff.
  8. The road to the second boss is quite simple, just use second thrall room to gather ammo again. Take it slow, clear the adds.
  9. The second boss, THE BOSS! Ok, the mechanics: in order to damage the boss you need to get the same debuff you were collecting during the ogre fight, but this time the debuff drops from the 3 knights. You can collect up to 3 debuffs in order to maximize the damage you do to the boss. When you pick up the FIRST orb, you go on a 45 sec timer. Picking up consecutive orbs does not reset the timer! When the timer reaches zero – you die, to avoid that, you need to jump on a blue glowing thing in the middle and cleanse the debuff. Some things to consider as well:
    1. When you start the fight, 2 packs of thralls spawn on the left and on the right, clear them asap.
    2. The knights are very slow, so you can outrun them, but they hit like a truck. With full health and all the mods you can tank 1 or maybe 2 hits, but be careful.
    3. The knights, however, get very angry at you when you get them to around 25% of their health, you will see the animation of the knights helmet flying away, meaning you just increased his running speed!
    4. During the course of the fight, at around 1.30 mins in, a crystal will spawn behind the boss which will make the knights immune, you need to destroy it. When you do – thralls will spawn again, clear them.
    5. You can damage the boss as soon as you pick up at least 1 of the orbs, but the best results are when you have all 3, because the boss takes A LOT OF damage and knights dont bother you. Try to kill the knights together, because the timer starts after picking the first orb.
  10. The DAMAGE PHASE! Succession does around 200k with precision shots. I used the sniper and the sword to finish the boss (I had to two phase actually, because I did not have enough of time after picking up all the orbs). You can use golden gun, THUNDERSMASH, Chaos reach, Slowva bombs, anything actually. Doing it in two phases isnt bad actually, just be careful, clear adds and run away from knights. I tried witherhoard with swapping it to succession for boss dps, but ran out of ammo and died while trying ti switch the weapons. Do not be me. Better go with riskrunner! It shreds the knights with the lighting and brings their hp down all together.
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To sum things up: there are very few mechanics you need to manage during the run, mostly it is jumping and add clearing. Take it slow, do not hurry, gather ammo when possible and have some kind of oh shit button (invis, rift, well, bubble, the usual suspects). Eso has the video of him running even stasis warlock.

Again, I will try answering your questions! And I am working on a flawless PoH, got the solo part done, now I need to somehow deal with the flawless part and BDSM jumping room….


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