I want to BUILD something tangable in the world

It seems like since the red war our guardian hasn't had many opportunities to try rebuilding or reclaiming what the vanguard and the city have lost. That's the feeling i've been getting anyway.

We stave off extinction and we defeat critically dangerous threats so that they can't worsen our current position… but we don't rebuild to our former strength or even go beyond that and come back greater than that as a faction in the world of destiny.


When i think: "since our life in the universe began… what have we built?" only three things really comes to mind for me.


The Iron Lords exist again because of us, our actions lead to Saladin takin on new protege who are all nameless, faceless and have so far had literally no impact on the world.

We helped re-arm the warmind Rasputin and built a network of warsats for him over the season of the worthy that enabled him to destroy something as collossus as the almighty. and then the immediate next season all that was undone in seconds.

We brought back Saint with the help of Osiris and imprinted on him with our actions. This deed will probably have the most constructive and tangable effect on the world out of all the actions I've mentioned.


In comparison to this we've lost countless great lightbearers, numerous guardian orders have gone completely extinct and the vanguard sink deeper and deeper into the gloomy fate that is the risk of mutiny…

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How could Zavala as a character stand looking out at the city, still riddled with craters? He's within in eyeshot of a broken tower that he helped build with his bare hands, while it still sparks and smoulders, and all this while within feet of a crater that scars his command post. The kind of person he's portrayed to be in his cinematic gave me the impression he'd be the first to pick up a shovel or use his empty hands to dig up the rubble and begin repairs if he had to.


How have we not rebuilt any of these extinct orders? Why aren't we reforging a new order of peacekeepers that allows all classes and not just titans with the purpose of keeping the city streets safe and primarily dealing with the problem that is guardians being assassinated within our own city walls?

Why hasn't the StoneBorn order been reforged? how are there no capable and charismatic titans out there who can't stand the thought of the fallen picking at the bones of the tower so much that they started the order anew to reclaim and fortify the wall and tower?


Why isn't Ikora forging a War Council of our own by bringing capable warlocks together who can form an order of warlock tacticians?

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How is there not a SINGLE hunter, better yet a handfull of them, who are shining as not only a potential choice but a willing choice for the vanguard position? One of the defining character traits for hunters is how charismatic and outgoing they are so there should be a wide lineup of potential options yet all the lore we find is that they're either living in hiding from the vanguard or they're obsessively doing strikes so they have the excuse of being too busy to come back.

Living in hiding? this doesn't come across as very hunter to me (sure they're known to be sneaky and employing cloak and dagger… but the reason they avoid the vanguard position is because they see it as a dog leash wrapping around their freedom and to me a life spent in hiding opresses freedom much more than responsibility does). With their personalities there's GOTTA be some of them who are outgoing and natural leaders that aren't completely horrified by the notion of responsiblity. and if not that then there's got to be some that see living in hiding as worse than being a potential nominee for the vanguard position.


I'd really love it if we saw our guardin having the option to rebuild, heal or reclaim some of these areas we've been damaged in.

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I'd love it if we had the option to help the vanguard find a new hunter to rally around.

I'd love it if we could help Ikora build her order of strategists.

I'd love it if we could help repair the crater riddled city and rebuild the factories, facilities and resource pipelines that pumped out standard issue armour and gear.


Does anyone else have ideas for things we could repair/reclaim or build that they'd love to experience in game?


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