I wish Bungie put more emphasis on their npc main characters

Content of the article: "I wish Bungie put more emphasis on their npc main characters"

Example 1: The Evacuation Quest Line for the new exotic. The quest line itself was ridiculously boring and only interesting (for me at least) once you get to read what’s going to happen to them. But imagine you get to go with Asher into the pyramidion and have to protect him or Sloane comes with you on some of your Titan errands. Not only would that be super cool to see and do, but it would have really given that one last really big hurrah to those characters that we’ve spent so much time with.

Example 2: The Warmind Campaign I found was pretty interesting and I absolutely love Ana Brey as a character. She’s badass, smart, and honestly a type of guardian that could do great in replacing Cayde as Hunter Vanguard. When I first played the campaign she was all like ‘I’ll meet you here’ and when you get there she’s not there. I would’ve loved to have seen her enter the Rasputin building (not Rasputin himself) with you while you could control your character. To get to interact with Ana before she just becomes a simple vendor.

Example 3: In Forsaken when you’re in the Prison of Elders your actually get to watch Cayde kill ads above you while you plow through the bottom section. That was awesome! And I think bungie needs to do stuff like that more. Like WAY more.

Example 4: The beginning of the main story where if Zavala dies you can rez him. Or in the siege of the city when you pass the vanguard as they’re injured and can’t go on. It may very well be the last you see them. It was engaging and makes you love (or hate) those characters even more.

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The npc’s that hold a huge purpose in the story just feel flat most of the time because the only way you as the player can interact with them as vendors or as small lore bits. (Unless you’re Ikora, then you’re totally useless. Which sucks. She’s got potential too) if they were used more actively they’d become an even greater part of the story and the player. Lots of these characters are loved and I don’t think anyone would be against seeing them kick ass on the battle field with you once in a while.

Disclaimer: Hey, thanks if you made it this far. But I just want to say that I’m not a game dev or know how to make a game. Moving and intractable NPC’s can be ridiculously buggy/ difficult to make believable. That, though may be an issue as to why my idea isn’t reality, is not my point. It’s just an idea from a storytelling standpoint and not a technical standpoint.


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