I wonder if the Cabal have a history with Xivu Arath.

Content of the article: "I wonder if the Cabal have a history with Xivu Arath."

After seeing the snippet of Blood Guards in the Vidoc, it had me wondering. Assuming the appearance is correct, and Zavala is meeting with the Cabal under a form of alliance, why now? Contact has shown at least some of the Red Legion are trying their hardest to gain the power offered by the Darkness, so why now that the Light is on the backburner, are they potentially willing to ally with us?

Could it be respect for the Light over dark? Potentially, I mean they did serve under Ghaul who was obsessed with the Light, and have been fighting, and losing, against us for awhile. There's definitely got to be a begrudging respect forming if the Cabal are even capable of that.

But beyond just the chance they're spread thin and we're both taking whatever reluctant allies we can, there's also Xivu Arath. Her corruption seems to be a major threat in the system, and potentially directly linked to the Cabal and Zavala meeting, given that they seem to play no part to the story on Europa, but clearly do for the Seasonal content. The way this corruption seems to be shown is a madness, and it's part of Xivu Arath building an army and taking advantage of the Darkness closing us off.

Ghost Fragment 2, of the Grimoire from D1 suggested that the Cabal may be running from something. It never got explored further as far as i'm aware, but it suggests that the race forged in Conquest and Battle were being beaten back, and they needed to spread their Empire for survival. This could just be flavour, a lot of D1 Grimoire was like that, but what if that threat was Xivu Arath? Who better to beat that war-forged species back than the Hives literal God of War?

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I wonder if the reason we see Red Legion with Zavala is because Light or Dark doesn't matter as long as the Cabal see conquest in their future. But maybe Xivu Arath is a known failure. Maybe her corruption, the madness she evokes on those afflicted, is well known to the Cabal, maybe that's a defeat they have faced enough to know they cannot fight it without the help of something that has beaten them in much the same way.

Luckily we seem to be a little more reasonable?

Or it could be absolutely nothing because Calus probably would've let on that the Cabal were actually facing an eternal war they could never win. But a man can dream.


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