If Destiny 2 hadn’t gone f2p…

Content of the article: "If Destiny 2 hadn’t gone f2p…"

… I would have never tried it out, and I would have missed out on a great game. I am having a blast!

I know there are a ton of problems with the state of the game, and you experienced players struggle with Bungie's decisions and wanting this game to be the best it can be. I joined as f2p when Beyond Light released, and then enjoyed it enough to buy the legacy DLC's for the story + Beyond Light at Christmas. I have so much to do, it is overwhelming. I have 7+ exotic quests, so many materials/mods/gear I need to accumulate, so many dependencies on Banshee-44, and so much to learn.

And as much as I suck at PVP, I find that if I just focus on capturing zones in Control or banking motes in Gambit, I still win often enough to do bounties and enjoy it while gathering pinnacle gear to reach 1260 (at 1251 now). I knew stasis was evil from PVP before even starting the Beyond Light campaign!

I've encountered my fair share of struggles as a new player:

  • Having no clue what gear to keep
  • Wasting ammo on immune enemies with no clue what to do instead
  • Having no clue where to go when doing the strike playlist as a new light (thank you for all the carries!)
  • Having no clue how to make public events heroic (sorry for finishing events early…I've bookmarked a guide for making them heroic now!)
  • The game logging me in to cinematics for expansions I didn't have and starting me on planets I'd never been to. (First time logging in it was BL/Europa, another time it was Forsaken/Tangled Shore)

    • Imagine starting a game where every character's dialogue includes mourning for a partner you've never met, then playing the expansion that starts with that death, while doing a seasonal hunt with the revived character of the person you killed for killing your partner while helping them work through their PTSD!?
  • Shadowkeep final quest bugs (how can the final quest in an expansion storyline be so buggy!? Was it ok at launch and then a recent update messed it up?)

But for now, this game is really fun for me. I know the more grindy aspects of the game are in my near future, but I'm ok with that. So thank you for all the carries. Thank you for all the guides/threads on this subreddit. Thank you for caring about Destiny enough to keep it going for so long.


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