If you are teaching someone a Raid, please don’t be a massive d*ck about it.

Content of the article: "If you are teaching someone a Raid, please don’t be a massive d*ck about it."

I would like to talk about my horrible experiences I've had with learning Last Wish and GoS.

Now, first off, I'm a 1032 Warlock, I know my power sucks but that's kinda why I wanted to learn those raids so I start doing them weekly for gear, this is wear my problems start.

Let's start with Last Wish, I've tried about 3 times Learning this raid, none of which have gone well.

First time, dude was like a drill sergeant, didn't really explain what was going on, just barked his orders around which made me feel SUPER uncomfortable, not to mention his knowledge wasn't the best and if anyone messed up he'd make sarcastic comments, ended up leaving at Suro Chi, couldn't quite take it anymore.

Second and third time, where pretty much the same, dude wasn't very kind, lost his temper quickly when we would do something wrong, both left at Kali

Moving onto GoS, this was last night, it's my first and only time I've tried it.

I was with my twin brother for this one, since he wanted to learn to, found someone willing to teach and we went ahead, this was a mistake, there was four of them when we joined and the guy hadn't told his buddy's he was teaching a couple of people (for the record, the fact he brought his mates didn't bother us, it's what came after). His three friends began laughing when we asked what to do, we pretty much got ganged up on, so didn't really even do the first encounter because we left.

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Pretty much if your going to teach a raid, there's ZERO need to be an ass about the whole thing, I understand it can be a bit difficult sometimes, especially when you wipe 12 times on dogs, but it's all about keeping your cool and helping out. Being toxic helps no one, all your going to do is scare people off playing those raids, which can be really fun with the right group of people.

In short, if your willing to teach a raid, please be WILLING, if you get annoyed easily and aren't patient, please don't teach raids because in reality you aren't helping anyone.

Also, I ain't looking for anyone to teach me I just wanted to share my story's and opinions on the subject.


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