If you ever want to solo the current dungeons, do it now!

Content of the article: "If you ever want to solo the current dungeons, do it now!"

In various groups/parties the last few weeks, I've been talking up the recent announcements and especially how I suspect the Solo and Solo Flawless Dungeons are about to substantially get harder in difficulty due to changes. Guardians, if you have any interest in doing these challenges, DO THEM NOW.

Here is why… starting with the stuff that Bungie has for sure said …

The End of "Taken" and "Hive" Mods

The Taken and Hive mods are critical parts of any current Solo or Solo Flawless Dungeon strat. Specifically "Barrier" which grants a reduction of incoming damage and "Armaments" which grants Heavy on some grenade kills, these mods play a huge role in survivability and dps for Dungeon's challenging encounters when solo.

The Erosion of The Mountain

Cozmo tweeted in a response to Aztecross that the Mountaintop will see an adjustment in addition to its sunsetting (I feel like that is a sign it has an exotic brother coming, but thats off-topic). I know not everyone has this beast of a weapon, which like other PVP Pinnacles from season 3 onward turned out to be PVE beasts as well, but if you have it, you know it plays a big role in your endgame PVE. If you would use it in the Solo challenges, then your time to do so may be dwindling.

… moving on to the stuff that isn't 100% clear, but likely …

Two Engines Into One… Less Exploits… No More "Ball Dupe"?

If you've played the Pit of Heresy, you know that the Totems encounter is the wildest encounter, and on solo, it is pure insanity. That is why a prevailing Solo strategy is to "ball dupe", which exploits a game glitch to bypass a number of the mechanics and quickly end the encounter. It is strongly theorized that this is possible via the player creating a "race" between the "Mission" and "Physics" engines, which with Beyond Light, will be merged into one. I strongly suspect that while this merger will fix a number of nasty bugs moving forward (ie: "why do I always whiff when tossing balls at Ca'uor in Spire of Stars?") it will also make player-advantage exploits less common or at least harder to pull off.

PS: If you want to be boss, you don't have to abuse the exploit for the solo challenge, but if you are taking this advice to get the solo/solo flawless done in the next three weeks, then you shouldn't handicap yourself and come back to do it "legit".

Oppressive Darkness Into the Vault

Oppressive Darkness is an insanely powerful artifact mod that we had for the first time a few seasons ago and will likely cycle out for a time (or all time) next season. It is very useful for higher burst DPS during certain Dungeon encounters and especially on certain classes. Especially as a hunter main who uses invisibility instead of Wells and Bubbles to improve solo survivability, I will see a huge loss of burst DPS when this mod takes a break. My vote: take advantage of it now, especially if you are a Titan or Hunter main.

Weapon Balance Pass Will Likely Affect Other Favorites

A lot of solo guides build around a handful of great weapons. These include Falling Guillotine, Xenophage, Witherhorde, Recluse, and a few more. And Bungie knows that and can ask the important question, like "why?" and "does that mean it's OP?" I suspect adjustments to some of these weapons, especially the Falling Guillotine sword.

… so in conclusion …

Final Thoughts

If I wanted to make a bigger list, I could. For example, there are questions about how Prophesy Triumphs will be handled and whether old Dungeons might see their Power Level increased–meaning sunsetting begins to matter. There is a possibility larger sandbox changes will affect things, similar to the Shadowkeep changes changing the PVP efficacy of Hand Cannons.

And of course, who knows if the Stasis subclasses will be so powerful that it will make everything easier anyway (like the Forsaken subclass attainments changed Leviathan forever)?

But at the end of the day, if you find yourself wanting to play Destiny today but not knowing what to do or you are feeling a little bored, these challenges are there. And if you want to do something difficult but fun and rewarding in your last three weeks before the end of the season, give these a try.


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