I’m actually apalled that Bungie suckered me into paying $40 for so little

Content of the article: "I’m actually apalled that Bungie suckered me into paying $40 for so little"

I was so excited for beyond light…

I got Junk Food, Soda, 2 days off, the works, just to play the new expac…

I was actually ok with sunsetting and the DCV, under the assumption that we would get plenty of new fun and unique pieces of content & weapons to replace what we were losing…

But after 16 hours of play my first impression is that this was a total ripoff. It took me only 5 hours to complete the main story, which was kind of underwhelming (It's really odd that stasis, the selling point of the expansion, doesn't even unlock until you're pretty much done with it).

Stasis as a new element and subclass is cool and visually interesting but has some problems. I play Hunter so I'm only going off what the stasis experience is for hunters (I've heard titans are slow/clunky, and that Warlocks are fine but busted in PvP). Keep in mind that this is all in regards to PvE, I don't play much PvP but ive heard tell that freezing is busted there.

My impression of stasis is that its neat in theory, but in practice its just the same thing as our regular subclasses but slower. The hunter super is just a big aoe that doesn't kill instantly, like blade barrage or nova bomb. Sure it freezes the enemy first but why freeze them when you could just… kill… them. I unlocked the 3 grenade options available to hunter and my opinion is pretty much the same as the super, why freeze/slow the enemy when a normal grenade would just kill them?

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However the exception comes with the melee, which really feels like the best melee option across all hunter specs. It has 2 charges, does good damage, has good tracking, and can bounce between multiple targets. The slow effect is nice but not really noticeable. I found myself infusing my Monte Carlo just so I could play with the melee as often as possible. So the melee is great, but the nades and super feel like inferior versions of abilities that already exist.

(Side note: Screw the bungo idiot that decided to make playing Gambit required for stasis subclass progression. Gambit is a dead game mode for a reason, and it deserves to stay that way. Forcing people into it isn't going to make it any less awful.)

The exotic stasis grenade launcher is a joke. I'm sure its really cheesy in PvP, like the rest of the stasis toolkit, but in PvE it does less damage than a special grenade launcher, while being in the heavy slot. It doesn't do anything to bosses, and the only enemies its actually capable of freezing would just die from 1-2 nades anyways. Maybe it will gain more synergy as more of the stasis toolkit is unlocked, but at the moment it feels worthless.

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I don't need to discuss the atrocity that is the loot pool, the entire sub is aflame with people talking about it.

Aside from the story missions and the subclass unlocks, there really is nothing new to look forward to. Get your powerful rewards, wait till next week. Get your powerful rewards, wait till next week. It's the same boring tedium we had in Shadowkeep and Forsaken, but arguably worse because there's less content variety and no seasonal activity.

I could talk about the problems with beyond light for longer than it took me to beat the main story. But this post is already getting too long, these are my gut-reaction thoughts.

TL:DR I'm ashamed that I got duped into paying $40 for this, I wouldn't have even paid $20.

End Rant.


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