I’m sick of d2 streamers and content creators

Content of the article: "I’m sick of d2 streamers and content creators"

I’m sick of streamers and content creators

The title says it all. Content creators and streamers on YouTube are so damn annoying now. They keep whining and criticising things that aren’t even that big of a deal . Some of them are just annoying to watch cuz of their personality on camera. I’ve been sick of most content creators for a while so why am I pointing it out here and now? It’s cuz I’m having genuine fun with the game after a whole year . The new public event is actually cool and the dialogue between eris and the drifter and the new exotics and the the pyramids being everywhere. Pair that up with sbmm finally being removed . Im having the time of my life .While here comes the dark side royalty video saying for the 10000th time that this game is repetitive garbage and no one should like (bUt jOkeR) . Let’s not forget about the click bait titles and videos ( riCk cAckis hEre) and the amount of times streamers get killed and go all like HAckEr even tho the other player has a clear advantage in terms of positioning and movement is infuriating. I’m not saying that cheating doesn’t exist , I’m saying it’s not as common as you think in pvp (except trials ) just like how matching against a full stack is not that common (unlike how Reddit posts put it ) . Most people will say (but they’re people therefore they are allowed to have their own opinions) that is completely true and I respect their opinions but completely disregarding other players opinions or outright trashing on them (bUt jOkeR) is just goddamn disgusting. You’re not a child . You’re the face of the whole damn community. Not all content creators are like this tho but there are enough of them that they are now considered the majority. There is now so much darn negativity around this game rn that I feel like I just have shitty taste in games and therefore a scum.

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I’m sure this post will either get downvoted to oblivion or just gets completely ignored but I just wanted to get this off of my chest .


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