In-Universe, Destiny might be in its lowest point yet

Content of the article: "In-Universe, Destiny might be in its lowest point yet"

Let's do a recap of what we've dealt with this season. This contains some lore mentioned recently by Bungie, as well as earnables in-game, so be aware if you haven't finished Evacuation yet.

Right now, according to lore we've uncovered these past few weeks:

  • There is a traitor in the Tower, according to the Pyramids' messages

  • Asher has been willingly consumed by the Pyramidion

  • The Infinite Forest is locked off from the inside, taking away a vital tactical simulator

  • Titan is being consumed by the Hive and now only one Guardian remains to fight them off

  • The greatest weapon of the Golden Age ever devised got humiliated like a little bitch and was almost completely destroyed

  • Earth is preparing for an overwhelming assault against the Black Fleet

  • A growing number of Guardians, as well as their Ghosts, are turning against their comrades when infected by the influence of the Pyramids

  • The Traveler still remains silent

  • Savathún is intentionally blocking communication between us and allies (ie the Traveler)

  • A growing number of Humanity is turning against Guardians and the Traveler, believing that we cannot win against the Black Fleet- or do not even care

  • Even the best Guardians across all generations know that in our current state, we have absolutely no chance of winning against the Darkness

Guardians have overcome every challenge we've ever faced: Six Fronts. Twilight Gap. Crota. Oryx. SIVA. The Red War.

But right now? We've been in a war of attrition in the Dreaming City, we didn't defeat the Pyramid on the Moon, we lost allies since the start of the Season, and there is still no clear solution available to us. We are hilariously outgunned right now- to the point we don't even have an effective weapon. Hell, our best scientist fired a weapon at the damn thing and the Pyramid prevented the round from existing in our dimension.

Is it just me, or is this a fight we can't win? Right now, if I was a betting man, I'd say we lose. No new Ghosts, a silent Traveler, a traitor in the Vanguard…

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