Insight Terminus Grandmaster Tips / Boss Spawn Patterns

Just posting this because a lot of people are absolutely convinced enemies during Insight Terminus are infinitely spawning, and some LFG teams (or teams not as skilled as streamers) may struggle with Insight Terminus, there are a few things you can do to ease your pain.

Note: This won't affect Platinum Rankings

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  • When you first meet Kargen, you can prevent the two Unstoppable Incendiors from spawning by leaving a War Beast alive from the first set and continually stunning him with Cellular Suppression or freezing him with Stasis abilities. If your team is struggling killing these two Unstoppables, this is easily done by spawning in the 2 Gladiators and 9 War Beasts, then stepping off and killing both Gladiators and 8 War Beasts. Also, if you step off the plate and it loses progress, you can infinitely spawn these Unstoppables.

  • When you enter the Vinculum Cell, if you send someone to immediately damage Kargen, you prevent a Barrier Colossus from spawning in. You need to do this without killing any Legionaries though, as if too many die you'll actually still spawn in that Barrier.

  • Additionally, you can prevent further Barriers from spawning in by just leaving already-existing Barriers alive. This isn't recommended to do though, as you'll be doing the entire encounter with a bunch of Barrier Colossus alive, when they really don't have too much health. One example is if you leave the Barrier that spawns from the first Arc Charge, only one spawns with the second Arc Charge as the game registers the other one as already existing.

  • If you're struggling capturing the first plate to start the boss fight, a Behemoth Super nearly prevents enemies from reaching the plate. This really isn't an issue in groups though because you can just shoot the enemies.

  • During Boss Phase 1, Kargen only spawns 8 Legionaries at varying health intervals. He cannot exceed these 8 Legionaries, so if four are alive and he reaches a gate, he'll only spawn an additional four. Furthermore, his last Legionary spawn is at the second C in Technocrat. If your team struggles capturing the three plates, you can guarantee a first plate capture by edging Kargen to that C, grouping up at a plate and then sending him. Bonus points for sending everyone to a different plate, as by the time he spawns the enemies and they begin to rush you, your plate should be nearly completed. (He only spawns 4 Legionaries and 4 Gladiators initially).

  • If you really struggle capturing the plates, kill everything except for the 4 Legionaries, as these are what spawns more enemies (that's right, it's only infinite enemies if you choose to make them infinite). You can then just have someone bully those 4 Legionaries with Cellular Suppression or Stasis while the other two players capture a plate.

  • During Boss Phase 3, Kargen's enemy spawns are still health-gated, but this time he introduces some Phalanxes and Incendiors into the mix.

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