Introducing the Destiny Players social site, a hopeful fix to LFG problems

Content of the article: "Introducing the Destiny Players social site, a hopeful fix to LFG problems"


I built a sweet new Destiny social site aimed around finding people to play with both right now AND in the long term, and seeing everyone's stats in beautiful dashboards. First 500 authenticated users get a fancy badge that will forever stay on their account. Visit it here. Some highlights of the app:

  • Expand your player base by finding players who match your desired play styles or stats whenever (not just when you’re playing!)
  • Easy-to-consume visuals that describe every angle of a player
  • In-app direct messaging that allows you to connect “offline” with users
  • LFG-like posts that display customizable high-level stats
  • Platform integrations which allow you to add friends, send messages, and more directly through your PC or console (Xbox only now, others in progress)

And more!

Tune in for updates on the official Discord Server or follow along at r/destinyplayers

The Long Story

I wanted to introduce a new website I’ve been working on to bring a new flare to the destiny world. One of the greatest things about the game is playing with the right people. Unfortunately, most of the current solutions for finding fireteams and LFG have problems of their own, which leads to lots of wasted time (and probably frustration as well). My app aims to change these problems with a whole new paradigm for finding the right teammates.

Whats different?

Other LFG sites are all about the “now” – meaning you only use them when you’ve got controller in hand and are actively looking for someone to play with. This limits you to only a small pool of people who happen to be using those specific sites at that specific time. The next problem is that you waste time bouncing back and forth between a variety of sites stat-checking each person you see, trying to make sure they can fill that missing spot on your fireteam.

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Instead, think of Destiny Players like a dating site. You can browse through profiles (posts) of other people who are looking for companionship, see everything you need to know about them from a play style perspective, and send them a direct message if you like what you see. If they like you back, you connect on your platform and you now have one more person you know and trust that is likely to be online the next time you play. Best of yet, you didn’t have to hop between 6 different sites to vet them either 🙂

How Does it work?

Authenticated users can create postings for different game modes (trials, raids, etc) and character stats are automatically pulled in. These posts show up on the main feed and display high level stat information. You have the ability to customize exactly which stats you see on these posts, and can additionally filter by platforms and game modes (more options coming soon). These posts can stay up as long as the user would like. Clicking on a card will display up to date and live information for that user.

These live stats are visible in a convenient dashboard that shows everything from equipped gear to historical performance. I’ve also added some custom traits (fancy algorithms calculated by computers and heavy machinery) that help you understand exactly what kind of player you’re looking at.

When you see a player you’d like to play with, click the “Direct Message” button to start a conversation. You can work out the details from there.

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What if I need someone to play with right now?

No problem! This app supports that too. Just filter by “actively looking” to see players who are currently online and ready to play.

Final Note

This is still at a really early stage and there are bound to be bugs, and probably some other things that you just don’t like. I would love to hear any and all feedback (good and bad) so I can improve this and make it something you love to use.

Also, since this will become better as more people use it, I’m automatically adding a special “Veteran” badge to the first 500 users who login to hopefully help spread the word and increase usage. If you want it to be effective, please share it!

The link to the site can again be found here.

EDIT: The feedback for this site has been phenomenal! I've had a lot of questions around collecting feedback and receiving updates so I've created a new sub (r/destinyplayers) specified around it. You can also follow me on twitter for updates as well.

EDIT 2: I have also created a new discord server for feedback and updates. Check it out!

Thanks and happy LFGing!

– Lumi (xScarn on XB1)

Special thanks these people for their help and ideas through the initial development stages:





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