It’s a little disheartening that Bungie’s version of “taking pressure off vault space” is mandating 4 identical helmets in different elements to avoid going insane when switching weapons.

It takes exactly one click. A momentary button press. One singular exertion of pressure and subsequent release to switch your gun. That's how it should be.

Shayura's Wrath to Ikelos SMG. Salvager's Salvo to Deafening Whisper. Gjallarhorn to Deathbringer. All of these take the same time to swap– one single click.

With the upcoming changes to weapon orb generation, this elegant system that has been a hallmark of the series' praised UI is going to die. It will die a slow, agonizing, and excruciating drawn out death that runs longer than these opening sentences.

You see, when you swap from your Arc to your Void SMG, you won't just be pressing one button. Heaven forbid an elegant tradition. You will be pressing

• 1 to swap weapons

• 4 to remove all four mods from your helmet

• 1 soul crushing hold as you slowly wait for the geriatric bar to lumber across the screen as your mind screams to be free of this hell that is swapping elemental affinities.

• 4 final selections of mods, one even requiring the navigation to other pages to reapply the elementless ammo finder.

You may tolerate this once. Perhaps even a few times. But this perpetual preposterous project will preclude your principles from permitting this pain go on without prevention.

You will seek them out then. For every build you craft. Four helmets with similar stat plugs to fill the gaping maw that consumes your precious playtime. At last your vault will grow until it overflows with the hundred empty helmets which guard your mind from the thoughtless insanity.

Bungie, we have learned this lesson before. It wasn't a good idea in Y3 to tie weapon loader type mods to elemental armor affinities. It is likewise a bad idea to tie orb generation to armor affinity.

You want to move orb generation to armor to make room in the perk budget for weapons? Great idea. Here's how you could do it in a way that's healthy for the game:

• Orbs of Gun // 1 Cost // Weapon multi kills generate an orb of light.

Now you may be thinking "1 cost? That's too cheap" and you may be right, but it if it does need to cost more it definitely shouldn't be more than 3.

Taking this mod means you are inherently sacrificing every special ammo finder, every targeting, and every ability regen mod for Helmets, because we all know that you aren't going to sacrifice your Heavy Ammo Finder for anything. It's still a meaningful choice, and the 1 cost is not insignificant and it makes a Recovery mod significantly harder to slot if you take a finder (which you will) and a combat style mod (which you want to because your class item and arms probably can't fit them).

At the very least, if it's absolutely necessary that the elemental restrictions exist for guns, then something else needs to change. Eithrr these mods should not be tied to an element be neutral mods that can be applied to any helmet, of the cost of switching a masterwork element is reduced to 0 so that DIM can handle all of the monotonous swapping without the severe inconvenience.


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